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My life

My life

I went to sea in the British merchant navy when I was 15 years of age nigh on 60 years ago now, when I was 27 back in 1969 I saw the writing on the wall and left the sea to do other things as all our great shipping companies where going into sharp decline , I have had a great life and hope to have many more years with my family and my 2 new grandchildren who both live next door to me and my dear wife during my years at sea I had occasion to visit numerous hospitals around the world for treatment and in fact over 50 years ago when I was a young man I spent a considerable amount of time in hospital in China and to this very day I well remember the kindness and care shown to me although very few of the doctors and nurses spoke any words of English they cared for me until I was fit enough to make the long journey back to the UK , Shanghai to London in the early 1960,s was a long journey and I will be forever grateful for the care and kindness the Chinese people gave me my user name is taken from an old cargo ship which I used to run down to South America on when I was a young able seaman times which I remember with great fondness I send my best wishes to all those who travel this unwanted journey that so many of us have set out on I find that there is only one way to travel it and that is to look it in the eye and laugh bless you all Dave .

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Welcome aboard Durango!

When I was a boy in the U.S. I wanted to be a seaman. My favorite books were histories and stories about the age of sail. I even built a little sailboat (Mirror Dinghy) in my late 20's and sailed around the Chesapeake Bay. The boat is long gone now but I still enjoy sailing stories.




Many thanks for your message Alan , America was home to some of the most famous clipper ships the world has ever seen, I to have a great interest in the great age of sail I love the paintings of some of the marine artist,s I build ships in bottles, a hobby that I have had since 1964 it helps me as I travel this journey to keep my mind focused on what matters in life we cant stop being who we are and wasting time worrying about something that we alone have no control over best regards and I wish you well from across the sea Dave .

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Thank you for sharing this


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