In January 2001, at age of 62, my Urologist leaned forward and told me the biopsies indicated prostate cancer. LOL...I leaned forward and said, "OK, Well just what do we do about it?" And, that began a 16yr.relationship. I opted in early 2001 to start number of weeks of daily radiation, followed by 126 seed Bachytherapy. The decision to take that approach was not an easy fact my indecision over weeks almost caused a 2nd.heart attack (it didn't). Since Sept.11th.2001 my PSA, has been non-detectable.

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  • Great that your PSA is un-detectable for so long...well done.

  • Thanks Darryl. Last year my Urologist suggested since my PSA had been non-detectable for so many years, if I did not wish to keep up the annual exams it would be OK with him. I suggested maybe every 18-months....I prefer the nice cozy feeling, LOL.

    As far as options of treatment/ really must do ones own research. In Rudy Giuliani's book, "LEADERSHIP" he encountered the same answers, Surgeons say surgery is the way to go, Radiologists feel radiation is the way, etc. . He did many weeks of research and talking to doctors before he elected radiation and then brachytherapy.

  • We took different routes but had similar results. I was diagnosed in May 2001- had Cryo in June 2002 after 13 months of Lupron and PSA's since have been less than 0.1.

    We've been fortunate as many have had a much harder road. We also have the Navy in common but I was only on carriers. Welcome.

  • Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what your psa and Gleason score was at the time of your radiation treatment. Also wondering if you've had any significant side effects since? I'm a 3 plus 4 and currently trying to decide between radiation and prostatectomy.

  • Congrats on the non-detectable PSA count! I truly relate to the indecision as it wasn't easy for me either on which way to go. Glad we're both still around, eh!

  • I love great news like this. Positive stories need to be heard also. Very uplifting! Thank you

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