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I wrote awhile back, prior to my C11 PET scan at the Mayo Clinic with Dr. Kwan. I had a robotic RP in 2010, followed by 8 weeks of salvage radiation in in 2012. When my cancer returned I had my PSA doubling rate of about 9 months. My Mayo Clinic trip didn't yield good news, as my PSA jumped from to 2.9 to 7.9 since September. We found 2 cancer spots behind my bladder, not a place where I can get surgery or radiation. Dr. Kwan recommended, (because of my young age (50)), starting chemo in addition to hormone therapy. My urologist wants me to start hormone therapy, and then go on chemo after that starts to fail. My question to him was, if it is assumed that ADT will fail, why not start chemotherapy now? My medical oncologist agreed, and I will be starting treatment soon. I'm actually glad to have a plan, having felt like I was in limbo for the last three years. Thanks everybody, I'll keep you posted.

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  • Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  • Bill,

    Having a plan is such an important part of dealing with this disease. By the way, it also sounds like an excellent plan.


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