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Hello everyone. I'm a 68 yr old guy who had prostate cancer in 2012. Had it removed by Da Vinci robotics and with no appreciable PSA since I'm getting closer to the 5 year mark. It hasn't been all clear sailing as they had to take some nerves so erections are a thing of the past and I have to deal with mild incontinence. but I'm grateful to be alive. 

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  • Great attitude....grateful to be alive.   What was your PSA and Gleason score when you were diagnosed?  What was the Gleason score after the surgery (from the post-operation pathology)?  I am curious to know if there was a difference between pre and post op pathology.

  • My Gleason score was 4+3 when diagnosed. It was 5+4 post op

  • You have a great attitude. I am glad you are alive. There is other intimacy without sex.

  • Just to respond.  Even though we men hate to admit it, there are worse things than not being able to get an erection.  I have jokingly told my wife that I should have taken a picture of my erection before I lost it.  It was a magnificent sight!  Ha-ha.  As I tell those men who I mentor on occasion who seem to be more worried about losing their erections than dealing with the cancer, "your erection won't do you any good in the coffin."  Take care and thanks for sharing.   

  • Thanks for all the replies, I do want to point out that there are alternative intimacies that my wife and I share and enjoy. The most enjoyable of which is waking up and seeing each other!!

  • Same with me and my wife!   Whatever works! 

  • Sounds like me - 4 years, PSA ~ 0, also had to inguinal hernias. No incontinence but ED, tried pills, Muse, injections and the vacuum pump

  • Sounds familiar, I'm 63 and looking a 7 years post Da Vinci.  Mild incontinence, no erection, still on the green side of the grass, playing with Grand kids and loving my wife more everyday.  Saw a slight uptick in PSA 6 months ago so am concerned I might have some new cancer growth someplace but taking a wait and see attitude for now.

  • Enjoy life everyone. Make the most of the abilities you have.

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