Proton beam treatment

Just an intro....routine physical had 6.9 pas in 2010. Biopsy came back with Gleason 3+4 in 6 of 12 samples. Surgery recommended and even scheduled before I had a chance to research. Came across proton beam at Loma Linda. Cancelled surgery. Took a vacation. Psa rose to 10. Scheduled proton treatment. 8 month post psa 3.9. Fast forward to 2015 my psa at 4.3. New biopsy showed one sample with 3+4. Psa after 6 more months 4.4. Currently undecided as to treatment.

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  • Thanks for sharing. I am sorry you still have cancer. Are you considering surgery?

  • Sorry that the proton beam did not eradicate your PC. So, the question is, radiation (seeds, or beam), cryotherapy (freeze it), or surgery. It comes down to what you are most comfortable with. I chose surgery because I had surgery for other problems AND I just wanted the damn thing out. I wish you luck with your decision.

  • As a 23 year PC survivor and PC mentor, just let me say this to you.  DO NOT wait TOO LONG to see what happens.  Cancer, especially PC is not going to go away by itself!  PC IF TREATED EARLY can be cured BUT ONLY if it is treated BEFORE it escapes from the Prostate Gland which is usually referred to as the "capsule".  Once it grows beyond the margin of the gland IT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT AND DANGEROUS BALLGAME as it usually heads for the Lymph nodes throughout the body and generally ends up as BONE CANCER which is deadly.  Since your biopsy already shows PC and your PSA is rising, SOMETHING NOT GOOD IS GOING ON.  Waiting to see what happens is NOT a good strategy.    

  • LVRob,

    Clearly the cancer was not eliminated and probably your next treatment option will be hormone therapy (ADT).  Surgery is very difficult post radiation, but not impossible.  However, depending upon your tolerance level for a rising PSA, given the very slow PSA doubling time, you might consider delaying treatment  at this time.  Of course this does introduce increased risks, but it also means a delay of the ADT side effects which them self can be significant.


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