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Top tip: When tired, never hold your cup of coffee while sitting down 😱🀣

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This is why lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I nodded off in my chair with the mug in my hand and it was full. At some point during my nap I let go of it which sent a river of coffee cascading into my lap. Nothing to worry about though, it was only lukewarm. I must of been asleep quite a while. Still it was a bit awkward when my daughter came downstairs and seen her mum stood in just her knickers in the middle of the living room


I haven't explained that I suffer from MS. Heavy fatigue is my main symptom. It's quite common to find me dozing in a chair. Sometimes my eyes just start drooping and I don't even realize. Spilling drinks on myself while I sleep has become one of my many rubbish talents πŸ˜‚

Anyway thought I tell you this embarrassing moment in hope it can bring you a laugh. Please do share if this has ever happened to you before.

Enjoy your evening xx

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I certainly wouldn't laugh at you for having a nap while drinking a hot drink, hope you're OK now x

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HeatherW82 in reply to Jennymary

I'm fine now thanks. I always let hot drinks cool for a bit before drinking anyway, so theres no risk of burns. πŸ˜€

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Oh no! Thank you for sharing your mishap. I am glad that you weren't hurt. I suffer from dreadful fatigue every day, (from a brain injury,) so I can sympathize with that.I did something kinda similar many years ago. I was a teenager. I was lying on my bed on a very hot summer's day, listening to Radio Luxembourg on my transistor radio. I had a tall glass of orange juice with ice cubes in it. As I was lying down, I was holding the glass balanced on my sternum. It was still almost full when I miscalculated and the glass tipped over towards my head! All the ice cubes and the orange juice shot over my shoulders and collected at the back of my neck! It definitely cooled me down, but in a really shocking way!


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HeatherW82 in reply to Marnie22

Ooooo, shocking lol. I tried drinking a cold glass of water while laying down in bed once. Poured half of it in my face lol. Learnt my lesson on that one 🀣

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Marnie22 in reply to HeatherW82

Yes, you don't forget a thing like that! 😁🌸

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I'm glad all was well in the end and you didn't scald yourself Heather.May I say, though, what a beautiful dress you were wearing. What material is it and will the stain come out?

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HeatherW82 in reply to RoadRunner44

I'll be honest, it's my PJ bottoms lol. Stain came out, I stuck them straight in the washing machine.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to HeatherW82

What a glamorous lady you are Heather. Glad the stain came out though. X

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Well I'm sorry to hear that Heather but glad that the coffee wasn't hot. The question now is, will you get the coffee stains out of your clothes?

Just seen the above about the stains so don't bother to answer, you were lucky. xx

Oh gosh HeatherW82, commiserations for the mess, but I'm glad that someone else does this. I've been guilty of it on several occasions!

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I used to have that problem more before I went on Myclophemate. My best / worst was when I painted my nails, put the bottle down on the table. An hour later I woke up with my fingers stuck together with purple nail polish!! When I have a drink now I try to put the cup down. Husband sometimes reminds me which is helpful. Take care

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HeatherW82 in reply to Oshgosh

Trouble is for me I have very weak arms and terrible hand eye coordination due to MS. I usually end up resting the mug on my chest or tummy so I don't have to keep picking it up. I do own a non spill mug, but don't use it as much as I should because it makes me feel old lol.

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Many many times especially when have a bad chest infection or an excasabation. So difficult trying to dry/change clothing/bedding when already exhausted. Take care Mags.

HeatherW82 profile image
HeatherW82 in reply to 1947Mags

I banned all food/drink from the bedroom due to spillages. I totally relate to your frustration. Sometimes just changing the bed finishes me for the rest of the day.

Gisygirl profile image

I have spilled on myself being wide awake!!πŸ˜ƒ

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i have done also ...feel so dumb my husband says when not drinking put it up on the side table i do but sometimes i fall asleep before i know that i am going to go to sleep that fast...ahahhahahahhah....feel stupid and making more laundry to do...hahahhahahhha

HeatherW82 profile image
HeatherW82 in reply to twooldcrows

I'm like that to. Feel fine one second, next minute I've dozed off without even realizing. I got myself one of them non spill cups. But I'm stupid and never use it 🀣

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