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What I loved about my mum

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My mom was loving, independent, hard working ,showed no favouritism of her six children. She was very prayerful. Loved to cook and taught me to love what I do every day of my life. I miss her so. Passed on 10years ago in my car when I was rushing her to the hospital . She suffered a cardiac attack . I got into serious depression that took me almost a year to get out.

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Hi Chinaniso,

Your mom sounds lovely. It's 100% human and natural to miss her and you will probably do so for the whole of your life. Moms are very special people and when they go they leave holes in our hearts. 🙏

Hi Chinaniso. I am very sorry to hear what happened with your mum. It took me just over a year to get over my Mum's death - that was 29 years ago and she was 81. Even so, it didn't make it any easier to bear and I still miss her very much. Your experience was very upsetting and I can understand why you became depressed. I hope you're feeling OK now. xx

When mother's pass on to heaven . It feels like you have been robbed of everything in your house.

I agree, it's like the spirit of the home has gone (well I suppose it has hasn't it). xx

I am so sorry for your loss and suffering of watching your Mom pass. How hard!! My Mom passed in a car wreck we were in but I was unconscious. 10 years is a big milestone and milestones take us back to the event. When I turned the age my Mom was when she died, I dreaded it for a year before and it was surreal to pass that age. Write a memoir of her, that is good. Also, maybe do some charity work or give in her name to heart foundation or something. I am sure she would be proud of the person you've become, and knows of your goodness. Blessings and peace to you. <3

That is a wonderful idea. Thank you. It must have been traumatic for you. But it was not your time yet to go with her.

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