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Thank you for your good wishes everyone for me and Strawberry

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It must hurt anyone who has loved their pet and loses it, but in my case I have no family - not had any for years - things people take for granted are having a nice family- mother, father, sister etc, I never had any of that, nor children, Strawberry has been my only family for twelve years, making it all the more difficult.

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thank you

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This must be so awful for you wiserlady, and Strawberry being the only companion it must be very tough for you right now. As Jerry has said, we are here for you, many of us are pet lovers and are devoted to are pets. You can only make these days as comfortable as possible for Strawberry as she will already feel the love you have for her. 💚

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Yes it is. I know people who call themselves animal lovers etc yet when their pet has died it has hardly made any difference to them - and I think a lot of that is because their pet was just one of their big family - most of their time and love went to parents, sisters etc and the pet was just a little addition. I also cannot understand people who say they are animal lovers etc yet as soon as their pet is very ill their main concern is having it put to sleep because it is cheaper and less work for them.

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to wiserlady

No one will be able to quite understand the depth of your pain wiserlady but know we are all here for you and thinking about you. 🌷

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Starrlight in reply to wiserlady

((((((((((Gentle hug beautiful lady))))))))) ❤️

Hello it's always hard loosing a pet and especially for those who's only family it was I am unsure how I'll cope when my mam and pixie die I do have a use friend a family but don't see often no children of my own, so I understand although I am close to my mam and our an is I will get a dog as I mentioned before and I hope that you find a new loved one there are lots of unwanted pets that need loving homes that parents have died and as you may not want or be able to start again with a puppy or kitten or even a baby rabbit, I hope you will look into getting one sometimes rescues can be too difficult to heel but I'm sure a bereaved pet from a loving home would be good for you. Hope you will take comfort in knowing your strawberry is living on and with you in spirit big hugs from me and pixiebob 💛xxx

In a situation such as this words of comfort are hard to find wiserlady. I so, so feel for you as you will be experiencing such a mix of emotions at the moment. As an animal lover myself, who has has had pets of all kinds all my life I know how difficult it is when we are faced with those times when they become ill. I had to have my dearly loved cat put to sleep some months back. I bottle fed her from 3weeks old as her mother had been knocked over by a car. She was 22 years old. Reading your anguished post has brought it all back to me so yes, I understand the heartache you are feeling. Try to take comfort from the fact your little ball of fur has been loved and cherished and has had the most wonderful life with you for so many years.

My thoughts are with you.


Yes, I hear what you mean wiserlady. It's so hard when you've had that love for all those years to have to let go of it. That's the main reason I won't get any more, even though I would love to - it's much too hard and takes so long to recover from. You know that we are here for you don't you should you need anyone to talk to. Thinking of you both. xx

thank you so much, hope you are coping well with everything, bye for now


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