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Any of you afraid to go to doctors during this time and when would be a good time to go

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Because of this pandemic I had to postpone my doctors appointment in March even though I haven’t gone in over two years but for the specialist this is normal for me I am afraid to go to the doctors because I’m afraid to catch the virus have anyone felt this way. I contacted Doctor they do treat sick patients but in the evening time or afternoon time and they change my appointment for three weeks later and a morning pointman I don’t know if that’s gonna make a difference though

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Its understandable why you are afraid to visit the doctor. My husband had to go and he was told to use the hand sanitizer on the way in then walk in to give his name then find a seat away from others and put the mask on that's was provided. Then when he went into the doctor he also had a mask and gloves and an apron. So It was all organized very well.

I hope this has put your mind at ease 😊

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Veteran250 in reply to Buddy34

Out doctors surgery has been in lock down , and the doctor will only do over the phone consultations, and if need be, will send a virtual presciption to the chemist next to surgery.

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That's the case with our doctors also , a phone consultation. But if it's an emergency they will see you 😊

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Our surgery at present is doing online and phone consultations and will only see patients face to face if absolutely necessary.

I think most surgeries are doing phone consultations at present and with the morning appointments say an 8.30 one you shouldn't have to wait around long and I think you are in one of the safest places possible in a clinical setting as there will be plenty of precautions set up.

Best of luck with your appointment!

Hi Jennyank777, I think that what you are feeling is fairly common, but now that we've gone through so many weeks of lockdown, I think you'll find that GP surgeries and hospitals alike, have found ways to keep the public as safe as possible. It sounds as if you've already done so, but if not, I'd definitely consider calling and asking for advice about whether it's safe to attend or not and if necessary have staff talk you through what safety procedures are in place. It is OK to question that and no-one will mind your doing so. 😊

I would say you are lucky to get an appointment, so do t waste it, our surgery is only by phone etc. I’m sure you’d be safe in a surgery if anywhere as they have to be extra careful.

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I have needed to see my doctor twice since the lockdown began. (Once for injections.) My local surgery have it well organised. They ask you to wait in the car park (socially distanced and covered seating provided,) then the doctor comes out to get you. Doctor wears mask, gloves and apron. You are given gloves and a mask in reception, (only one patient at a time in reception,) then you go into see the doctor and sit six feet from them. It worked fine and I was happy with it.

No one is allowed in the surgery unless they are triaged and asked about their symptoms, so I think that's good.


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Yes, I am apprehensive. I have to get a cracked tooth fixed. Talk about a high risk profession and place to go these days. However they are doing the best they can protecting everyone.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Doctors and their surgeries are well up on the Infection Control aspects. I would not have any fears. Right now, many Doctors are using telephone or Internet communication for consultations with their patients, rather than face to face. They have to avoid catching it too!

Cheers, Midori

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