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Looking forward to winter, here

This is a photo from a couple years ago. It's pretty dramatic here in winter. This is the tip of a local mountain, using a bit of zoom on my camera for this detail shot.

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Wow! Now THAT makes me want to be able to paint!! Thank you xx

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pretty amazing, eh?

This is a fantastic shot Wallowa, very atmospheric, is it Chief Joseph Mountain? Thanks for sharing. xx

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It's actually called "Twin Peaks" and is in the Hurricane Creek area. Here's a neat image of hills and names! josephoregon.com/images/pan... - you can use the mouse function to rotate it to see the mountains and the names. CJ Mtn is just to the left of Hurricane Creek (canyon), the deep V in the pano. That's where I volunteer once a week at a friend's organic garden.

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That's really interesting Wallowa, thanks for that. It's so beautiful. xx

Same. I am looking forward to a low key Christmas with classic old movies, some decor, wine, cupcakes, gifts, games, dancing and a sit down family meal as well. Also Halloween is coming up fairly soon. Still need to order some scary decorations and decide on spooky music.

Beautiful. Give me that over a sunny beach. I love autumn and winter it can be so dramatic.

I used to think about vacations but I'm already there.

What a magnificent view! I grew up, in the foothills, of the Rockies, so I, naturally, enjoy mountain scenes, and look forward to trips, to mountainous areas! Peaceful, majestic, and relaxing is how I feel, whenever I look at mountainous regions, or pictures, like this, of a winter, mountain scene! Thanks for sharing!

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It's the closest to the Rockies we get in Oregon.

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Stunning Wallowa, it’s beautiful.👍🌸

Looks great, but to cold for me.

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It's not for everyone.

That’s amazing so looking forward to your winter photos ❄️ ❄️

You've got another "WOW" reply from me. What a magnificent sight to behold. An adventure I'm certain you'll always cherish. 🏔..... mother nature at her best!! 🐿🌈

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It's pretty spectacular.

Beautiful photo,could look at it for hours.

Thank you for posting!

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glad you like it!

Great photo.. so atmospheric..my mind went straight to a scene from Game of Thrones..thanks for sharing 😀🌻🦋

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cool. (I don't actually have a TV so I've not seen Game of Thrones, but it must be visually fabulous!)

Stunning natural beauty Wallowa and wonderfully captured! 🤙

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Pretty great!


thanks cool, huh?

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