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Here are some sketches from a lodge near here. Yup, puzzle too!

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The trees are ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir, and the shrubs are vine maple and elderberry. The location is Wallowa Lake Lodge, about 5 miles from my house.

I set these up as postcards to print at home and send!

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Another good one wallowa,a wee bit hard work there ,(13.25)

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It took more time for me, as well - and I drew them :)

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How lovely. 9.01.

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I so enjoy your drawing style Wallowa. These latest ones are so good.

in reply to RoadRunner44

aw, thanks :) :) :)

How wonderful to receive one of those as a postcard Wallowa! What a great idea. And another puzzle for later. Great! 😊👍

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Thanks :)

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Another good sketch Wallowa and not difficult - I managed it in 7:19, thanks for that. You certainly have a talent with these. xx

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aww thanks!

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Wonderful sketches.

BTW Cabbage Hill seems beautiful.

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it is! also very dramatic!

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These are marvellous ! I loved looking at them.

looks so professional

thank you for sharing them with us

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Thank you so much!

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