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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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puzzle from a sketch looking toward our town

jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&p... here's the link, selected a fairly easy size.

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I was just thinking about you and am glad you are back and posting another great sketch and are back to normal.

I seem to be able to visualize what you are depicting. And it is nice. I can almost smell the air.

Mark of a good artist?

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How kind! I do have some nice inspiration here too, you know!

Things are going well!

Another good sketch wallowa and puzzle ,a wee bit longer (8.20)

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Thank you!

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Love this, I will do the puzzle later when I’m on the computer, I can’t see to do it on my phone. 👍👍

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Have fun!

Hi Wallowa, nice to hear from you again, been wondering how you are and hope you're keeping well. Great sketch and great jigsaw too - many thanks. Is this near where the flax fields are? xx

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You have a good eye! It's on the way to the flax fields!

Great Wallowa. Love the plants in the foreground too. I shall enjoy doing the jigsaw, as always!

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Thanks! appreciate it!

I’ve just found this great sketch, and will do the jigsaw later today. Thank you.🙂🧩

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have fun!

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Thank you, I’ll enjoy doing it.