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Real holiday complaints from brits abroad, and my attempt at becoming a pescatarian !

BazzakReading Rabbits

1. “We went on holiday to Spain and had problems with the taxi drivers since everyone was speaking Spanish.”

2. “We booked an excursion to a water park. However, no one told us we had to bring our own swimming clothes and towels.”

3. “The beach was too sandy. We had to shower when we got back to the hotel room.”

4. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.”

5. “The road was in such poor conditions that we couldn’t read the guidebook on the way to the hotel. This made us miss a lot of things that could have made our trip much better.”

6. “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food at all.”

7. “My fiancé and I booked a twin room but we were placed in a double instead. We now hold the establishment responsible for the fact that I found myself pregnant. This would not have happened if you had put us in the room we booked.”

8. “The receptionist at the hotel got annoyed after we lost our third room key. That’s bad service.”

9. “We found out the sand was not like the sand in the brochure. Your brochure displays the sand as yellow, but it was white.”

10. “The store owners in Puerto Vallarta kept closing during the afternoons. I needed to buy things during their ‘siesta’ – it should be illegal!”

11. “No one told us there would be fish in the sea. The children were startled.”

12. “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England. It only took the Americans three hours to get home, that’s quite unfair.”

13. “I compared the size of our one-bedroom villa to our friends’ three-bedroom villa. Ours was significantly smaller.”

14. “The brochure stated: ‘No hairdressers at the accommodation.’ We’re trainee hairdressers – will we be OK staying there?”

15. “It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy or unruly guests before the trip.”

16. “I was bitten by a mosquito. There was nothing at all about biting mosquitoes in the brochure.”

17. “Topless sunbathing on the beach should be banned. The holiday was ruined, as my husband spent all day looking at other women.”

18. “There were too many Mexicans, even the receptionist spoke Mexican. The food was Mexican too. Too many foreigners now live in Spain.”

19. “We had to queue outside on the beach with no air conditioning.”

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😂everyone sunbathes topless these days lol some pretty weird complaints

Morning Barry! Hahahahaha! Love your "fish" :)

And those complaints are just priceless!!

Glad you're feeling better xx

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to leo60

Thank you Laurie, yes just got a slight cough now,hope you are well. Xx

leo60 in reply to Bazzak

Yes thanks, all good now xx

So funny 🤣🤣 that is my kind of fish, I’m allergic to fish so this would suit me fine. I love to go to Turkey on holiday but the one complaint I keep hearing from folk is the complaint that the food is too Turkish in the hotels ??? 🙄

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Lizard28

😁x Been to Turkey many times, lovely place xx

Oshgosh in reply to Lizard28

Love the Turkish food.

So funny I can’t believe they are real😂how can people be so silly 😜


So funny Bazzak!👍🤣

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Callendersgal

They are real complaints !, it makes you wonder sometimes 🤔🤔😁xx

MadBunny in reply to Bazzak

It certainly does. Doesn't surprise me though. Reminds me of something I heard a snobby British woman say in a supermarket in Sorrento. Something along the lines of" There isn't much frozen food in here. Of course that's because they're so poor in this part of Italy."

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to MadBunny

Unbelievable! I love Sorrento 💕

MadBunny in reply to Bazzak

So do I .And the Amalfi Coast.We used to go every year until we discovered Lake Garda.Time to go again I think. When we can.

Our friends did a tour of Italy on their motorbike last year. I warned them about the Amalfi road. They gave it a try but quickly realized why I warned them!

This reminds me of a holiday we had in Spain. Very nice restaurant in the hotel with waiter service.

We met a couple who complained:

They only use the tablecloths to hide the muck


They only give you the soup to fill you up.

And a chap who complained that the bus drivers were rubbish because they didn’t even know their own bus routes. He had gone out on a day out on public transport to a nearby town. When he got the bus back he told the driver he wanted to go to the Costa del Sol and the bus driver didn’t know where he wanted to be!

MadBunny in reply to Troilus


BazzakReading Rabbits


Oh how funny! It's quite frightening though how idiotic some people can be.


Really funny! The fish/steak was great, too! Very cute and good idea!😀👍🌈

This is so funny, made me laugh 😂




I just have to send these jokes (or truths) around the family.

Even our nine month old puppy is laughing and chasing her tail around in a circle.

Have a wonderful evening with your wife Barry, Tim.

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to footgo

Apparently they are true Tim, came from Travel agents,

You two and the puppy have a good evening mate. 💕

🤣😂 this really made me laugh at the stupidity of some people!! Probably the ones who would try and sue a hotel for absolutely anything!!

Brilliant, I particularly like no. 12 😂😂

🤣🤣... there is always something true in stereotipes!

I could add that Italians abroad always complain because they (we!) don’t find some good spaghetti, or don’t find spaghetti at all😩😱

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Nottooold


In my job before I retired, I worked on sporting events with colleagues from all round the world. I alway found my Italian friends to be great company and a great laugh, now the French say no more🙂. When I was working at Italia 90 my Italian mate ( Roco) took me to a restaurant/ cafe 3 days running and ordered our lunch, it was sausage, beans, and small pasta in a rich vegetable sauce, it was lovely. On the 4th day he was busy so I went by myself, I couldn't read the menu so thought I would try something different and picked a dish that sounded nice. What did I pick? Pasta E Fagioli!

The same dish as the last three days 😁😁 sorry that was a bit boring xx

Nottooold in reply to Bazzak

4 days with Pasta e Fagioli must have been a big stress for your intestine 🤢...but probably 30 years ago you didn’t care too much 😜

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Nottooold

I enjoyed every mouthful, but have never had it or seen it on a menu since !😃xx

Thanks for the giggle, it’s amazing what people will complain about!

😂😂😂 Fantastic!!!!Just what we need to start the day. x

My son had us in hysterics when he went to Austria and on the cable car trip they booked was on a foggy day so no views the party of Americans asked for a refund so they could return on a sunny day.😂😂😂


BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to panda60


Hello made my day really cheered me up who wants to go abroad.

Must add another Mother story, so many.

Got invited to a restaurant called the Thai , she shouted..

We lived that time a small town in Co. Durham.

Well it is hot spicy food and you do not even allow me a curry in the home.. I quipped too many times..

Had to eat it outside in the car in the cold wet wind rain all weathers ..

No not at all so if they went my Father her and him with his squeaky shoes no matter how fast he walked or slow squeaky shoes..

I never have anything to wear she howled last comment, should be in blue and over flowing ..

Go in the river then he quipped.

As they sped off to a night of fun and frolic...

Me get them out of this so called one of my friends, went for an evening..

Any way they arrived back home screaming red faced father clutching his over sized belly..

Ordered the most unimaginable food ever she added coconut spicy hot you father fighting with Phil the friend who invited them, over the food..

Choices as it bought and placed on a lazy susan my father threatning to punch the waiter the added awful food..

Tried to ring you several times well not in out trying to get out of it. I can imagine the hoo ha and the fuss the considerable agony my parents in as eating the food ..

Pleasurable to think about now, before you all start..

Abusive nasty pieces of work all of my family..

Some are born in the wrong body I was born in the wrong family..

Totally different to any of those members help charitable offer my time and pleasure another story..

Often give away many things bought or attained..

Those in a need far greater than I am, always get another one..

Father had a whole week off and Mother laid in bed after being ill they claimed..

As for the moral of the story never lie or decieve like this as it bite you on the bum.

As it can do..

Especially liked this one: "Some are born in the wrong body I was born in the wrong family.."

Hello pleased to meet you..

I hope you understand many gents like myself tormented home ..

Due to disability mental health we talk about ladies women girls getting abused by family members..

Not at all many stories than men boys getting the same from family members..

Mothers being the instigator.. Met since those men whose Mothers used benefit payments for there own gain and lifestyle..

Met men who are physically can not talk to any female as they virtually mentally scarred...

Long term abuse I suffered still resonate and effects me so much managed to deal help others..

Crisis behind the doors and net curtains a common practice if you had a disabled son .

My Mother lied controlled used deceit stealing violence intimidation threats under hand tactics to destroy her sons life.

Using alcoholism drugs food to ease pain...

Took me thirty years courts solitictors, support workers not easy, dealing with those..

Ladies hard to deal with ...

Took a lot of guts and energy and talking about this to groups charities and many others...

On a forum last year or so added my story which sent a flood of similar comparisions..

I was aware since Saville other abusers identified the worst of it is a family member..

I have met those had to leave the country live else where because family insists never happened.

I spent a long time listening being a friend..

Understand may find it amusing round when your mother is a physcopath and needs to be locked up and is hurting those around her then tell me about it..

Priceless comments ............ all these people should really holiday at home !

MidoriVisually impaired

Those make me hoot! Especially the biscuit one and the Air conditioning one!

Some folk are never satisfied. If they don't want to mix with other folk or try other foods, they shouldn't go abroad.

And I love your Pescatorian photo! Tuna Steak?

Cheers Midori

Hello Bazzak

Makes me really appreciate the shield-in-place, I could have had a very bad experience. :)

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Big_Dee

Nice to hear from you Big_Dee, hope you and yours are all well .

Big_Dee in reply to Bazzak

Hello Bazzak

Doing great, glad to see you are up and about. Blessings.

We went to India,and actually heard someone say that they couldn't believe that they served so much curry😂😂,me,I was in heaven 😁

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Judyspal


Funny😂 love this, what kind of fish is that🤣

BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Spanaway

Sirloin of Sardinia 😁xx

Yummy 🤣