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Walk Today

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Went to a friend’s property to pick apples and tomatoes.

They have a successful winery and vineyard in our area. Here is the view from their grapes towards the ocean. Very remote and off the power grid.

They started young, worked hard (and still do).

18 Replies
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Looks like the perfect spot for Pinot Noir. Nice marine influence. 🍇🍷🍎🐳

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daveh121 in reply to Fanger1

Yes, that’s it. They make good tasting wine and like to share.

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Fanger1 in reply to daveh121

That's livin' the dream...Single Vineyard Pinot Noir! If possible, I'd like to get a few bottles.

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daveh121 in reply to Fanger1

Wild Hog Vineyard, Cazadero, California. I am not sure how much of an online presence they have.

I even saw a bottle in Columbia South Carolina before the stupid virus came along.

I forgot the name of the place but not the owner, Opie.

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Fanger1 in reply to daveh121

Thank Dave - I checked out their website. They're doing it right! I'll plan a trip up there with lodging at Sea Ranch. Bring the rods and go for some Capazon off the rocks at Green Cove.

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daveh121 in reply to Fanger1

That sounds like a good break from everything. Sea Ranch is nice. Lots of trails and beaches.

We are on Seaview Ridge just above the Timber Cove Resort.

Toasty here today. 108. Not normal in the past but I guess it is now.

Magnificent daveh121, and is the perfect foil to all the turmoil you all experienced recently. It looks so calm and beautiful. It demonstrates what hard work and dedication can achieve.👍😊

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daveh121 in reply to

You certainly are right about all of that. The perfect day to get back to normal.

In a few weeks we will go back and help pick grapes. Some for ourselves to make juice with.

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The vineyard looks wonderful, when you work hard, you always reap the rewards I think. It looks like a very pleasant area. 👍🌈

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daveh121 in reply to bobbybobb

Correct. It is an outstanding place. They started as hippies growing pot and then started growing grapes which is when the real income started.

Hi David

It looks wonderful , all their hard work has paid off ! They deserve every success. It's lovely after all that everyone went through with the fires.

Take care and stay safe

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Hi Dave

It looks a lovely area Dave. Grape vines need constant attention, with a lot of hard work.

l love the Autumn colours of grape vines, a magical image with a sobering thought!

Best wishes, have a great weekend, Tim.

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daveh121 in reply to footgo

Something about a vineyard in the fall. I agree.

That looks beautiful and what a lovely sounding couple 🌈😊

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That is a lovely place. The hard work has paid off. Well done them

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Looks beautiful - so peaceful in this mad, mad world. Wonderful to know there is somewhere where hard work & dedication reaps its rewards.

Thank you for this snapshot into your world. Thank you.

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daveh121 in reply to mrtiggs

Oh it is peaceful alright. For sure. Where they are overlooking the world it seems.

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They are in their 70’s now and still going strong but looking to slow down a bit. I think they enjoy us coming to visit for half a day so they can take a break.

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