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Another coastal walk today

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Hi All

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and enjoying your chocolate.

I've been on a coastal walk/jog today but can feel it today so think I may need to walk not quite so far tomorrow. I walked 24017 steps.

Hope you enjoy the photos. There are more photos in Health Walk here:

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

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Thank you Jerry. The weather was lot warmer than they forecast.🚶‍♀️

Thank you Zoonie, yes I'm very fortunate as I have the fields, coast and woodland very close to me.

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Photo's are wonderful, you certainly have a good eye. xx

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Thank you bobbybobb , the weather has been lovely again today although not the clear blue skies of late. xx


Looks like a very pretty area.

We like taking our dog out on the beach for a walk, the problem is I have to drive five miles and of course that is to far when in lock down.


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Thank you Bob

That really is a shame that it's five miles for you. Being in lockdown has made me realise as to how fortunate I am to live right on the coast (it's about 10 minutes walk down the road) and also to have woodland at the back of me so the best of both worlds.

I hope you are okay.

Stay safe.


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We live seven miles from the beach although we live in the countryside, so Pax sometimes wonders where has the beach gone. He also has our garden to gallop around.

So He has plenty of places too visit.

Yes I am fine, we live in a small Hamlet so we never see anyone, even the cars have disappeared.

We are preparing the Orchard and Fruit garden for the new season and are just preparing a veg plot because of possible problems with getting the crops picked later this year. We have been given forty additional Strawberry plants, that the grower had spare so we have just started additional planting for them as well

How are you getting on ??


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Hi Bob

The distance to the beach for you is the same distance as it is for me to the City Centre. I'm so glad you live in the countryside, that gives you plenty of scope for a walk. Dogs do love to run in and out of the water so I bet he does miss the beach.

How lovely to live in a small Hamlet and with no cars, that is bliss.

What a lovely thing to do in this weather, I cannot think of anything better than growing your own produce, you know exactly where it's come from. I love fresh strawberries, can't beat them.

I've been out every day since lockdown began and have walked a fair amount and enjoyed the countryside around me. I'm with my hubby so not alone and our youngest daughter has her hubby and two girls and my eldest daughter is a key worker so is at work a lot.

Although I love the lack of cars I will be glad to get back to some kind of normal as I really do miss the grandchildren and their mummy and daddy.


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We had two holidays booked and was supposed to go before the Virus came about so it all had to be cancelled, so we had too find different diversions so we have been been working in the garden.

It is important we find different things to do to keep our brain occupied and take our minds of what is going on throughout the World.

We split up our walk time, my Wife takes Pax out in the morning and I take my exercise in the afternoon to keep Pax in a positive mood.

Our nearest city is sixty five miles away and the nearest town from the town we live near is thirty miles away so it is very peaceful here. Not being able to go out in the car is a real problem as we love to visit various places in the County. It is going to be a long year, hopefully we will be out and about again soon

Take Care and Keep A Hold


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Our first holiday was for beginning of May so that's been swapped to same time next year. My hubby has been getting our conservatory ready for improving, it certainly needs doing, we've been in the garden and hubby has been doing some cementing round the bottom of the shed.

Totally agree with you, if we sit and worry it'll consume us.

I met someone on my walk a week or so back and they did the same thing with their dog, it's a good idea.

Sounds idyllic where you are but I totally understand about wanting to get out in the car.

It will be good to get back to some kind of normality for sure.

Stay safe and well Bob.

Alicia 😊

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Thank you Dave :)

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Thankyou for posting the photos they are lovely really cheers up my day 🤗

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You are welcome and I'm so glad to hear it.

Stay safe and well. :)

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Just beautiful Alicia. Thankmyou.

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Thank you🙏🌈😊🌞🌻

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