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Greetings from Guernsey :-)

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Hi everyone,

Such a beautiful sunny day - here are a few photos I took, whilst out and about. I hope you like them.

I checked the weather forecast this morning, and it said our temperature would be 24 degrees C with a slight sea-breeze. I am thankful for the breeze! I love the rainbow coloured flowers. :-)

Zest :-)

22 Replies
blackbeauty99 profile image

Oh wow Zest , what stunning photos and the rainbow coloured flowers are beautiful :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

BB :) xx

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Beautiful photos Zest and such lovely colours. I bet you are grateful for the sea breeze. We have temperatures in the thirties and it's oppressive!

springcross profile image

What lovely photos, thanks for sharing. x

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Such a beautiful place. I love the photos it’s 34 here today. Okay as long as you don’t have to do anything which I don’t 😎

What stunning photos Zest and so lovely having a sea breeze. It's very hot here in Devon, very muggy but sunny as well. I'm sat down after a bike ride.

Enjoy your evening.


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Lovely photographs, There has been no breeze here today, the heat has been unbearable. Hope it cools soon. 👍😊

in reply to bobbybobb

I suppose you are being driven crackers by whines from Bobby and Pip over the heat as baby is driving us crackers with her spoilt meows!

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

Yes, Bobby and Pip have been really uncomfortable today with the heat. Smidge has been handling it quite well. I hope it cools down for baby soon.😺😸

I managed a 3 mile walk today at lunchtime and it was boiling hot but main thing is that I tried.

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Hi Zest I live in Jersey, we are very lucky to live on such lovely islands.

daveh121 profile image

Those are great photos. Everyone is going to want to visit.

Floxxy profile image

I love Guernsey. Fab photos. X

AllTimeLow profile image

Very nice photos!

Lizard28 profile image

I have many happy memories of Guernsey, I used to go on holiday when kids were young, it was a nice short flight from Scotland, we all loved it.

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I love seeing everyone's photos. Guernsey looks lovely.x

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Guernsey is such a beautiful place. Your photos are great and improve my wellbeing as a result. We would recommend it to any travellers. We visited from South Australia in 2014 and loved it. We probably won't ever get back there now as I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with mets in 2016. Take care.

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Looks very inviting but I believe it can be very chilly in the constant winds. Are you being treated on the island or coming back to London, presuming that is that you have the Big C ?


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Just beautiful. Where is Guernsey?

You and Alicia live in such beautiful places.

Picture post card.

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Zest in reply to Williemom

Hi Williemom

Sorry to have missed your query - Guernsey is one of the Channel islands, relatively close to France.

Zest :-)

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Stunning! I could do with a sea breeze here as its very uncomfortable. Lovely pics.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your replies, much appreciated. Glad you like the photos.

Zest :-)

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Thank you for these beautiful pictures

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