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What's anyone done today

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Been bright and sunny here today, but quite windy, so I did think about a short walk but on seeing the trees blowing in the breeze I decided to leave it until tomorrow. So washing done, and did some more de-cluttering, it's going down quite quickly now, so wil possibly finish by end of next week, then a few day's to myself then start on the next lot of de-cluttering

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Hi Jennymary

It's been breezy here today as well but a beautiful bright day. You've done very well with your decluttering so I should imagine you are very pleased with yourself.

I did the housework with hubby, went on a long powerwalk, had lunch, made a chickpea stew and peanut butter and then enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee whilst phoning my youngest daughter.

Here's to lovely weather tomorrow as well.🌈😊

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Yes I think it’s forecast very warm by Wednesday 🌞👍

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It certainly looks like it, I'm loving the weather 🌞

Hi Jennymary,

That's great work on the decluttering of your house/room. I'm glad that things are moving smoothly for you today.

What I did today was, go on the groups, did e-mails, had lunch and will plan to do some reading. I may try to make a phone call this afternoon and then have dinner at 5:30 pm.

Have a good evening! :-)

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I've been doing household chores today. It's been bright and breezy here also. I have a room to clear out and I'm debating when I'm going to start it this week. I was going to start it today but got side tracked with other things the way you do. xx

I cleared out under our stairs today, OMG, what a job, i found things under there that I swear I’ve never seen before 😳 Chucked so much rubbish out to go to the tip when it reopens , then my OH emulsioned all the walls and, put new shelves up , a job well done, but im shattered now, need a soak 👍

Today I have done a French lesson on duolingo, completed a course about panic buying and covid 19 on future learn and had a lunchtime walk walking up and down hills and listened to music, put the washing away that I did yesterday into the cupboards and had tomato soup and a sandwich for dinner and beef casserole from a tin for a late lunch.

Everyone seems to have had a productive day. I spoke to my aunt, uncle and Gran ❤️💞💜and that is good enough for me.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Dried some washing, played in the garden with the Hound, checked on the other pets - daily job - bit of weeding, walked the Hound, texted a couple of friends, worked on my knitting and watched a bit of tv. Just pottering round really as my energy levels aren't great.

It was quite windy here too today Jennymary. I managed a short walk this morning while it was still quiet and the wind was really quite keen. I was glad I had a couple of layers of clothes on. I was glad I went out while I could, but don't blame you for deciding not to. A good day for doing the washing if you could hang it outside. It will have had a good blow in the fresh air.

You are going to feel so pleased when you complete your de-cluttering! 😊

It was very windy here too - quite a cool wind. I’m on 12 week shielding and really miss going out for walks, however did manage to cut my lawn - hard work at the moment but what a sense of achievement!! Delivered 60 neonatal hats to my local hospital when I went for treatment - they were so pleased and say any amount will be welcome so that’s my plan to start knitting again today. Stay safe everyone we will get though this together!!🌈🌈🌈

Did a load of washing, it has been a great drying day today. I envy you all going on your daily walks. I used to love walking! Unfortunately, we are isolating, DH being over 80 with dementia and me almost 78, both with multiple health problems, including not being very mobile, so it is the best option. We do have small garden though, so that is a plus! Before lockdown DH purchased a small garden set. In his wisdom. Seat, two chairs and a coffee table; so we have been putting that together- took us about 5 hours, and a lot of choice words! Still now we can laugh about it and it is a other job done. We have also done a bit of pottering in the garden and I am now looking at getting a few bedding plants off line as we seem to be likely to be continuing this for a while yet. Everyone seems to be so busy and taking advantage which is good. Take care and stay safe. xx

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