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Its my birthday

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Next week is my 70th birthday, and my husbands 72nd. Being one of those 'special' birthdays we were hoping to perhaps have a few night of luxury and fine dining, and maybe a meal or party with friends. Covid came and put and end to that so now I am planning special meals for two and maybe a cake, lime drizzle I think.

We have found as we grow older it is hard to think of gifts we want, almost always have tools or supplies for our hobbies. But being the big 70 Ron, my lovely OH, wanted to get me something special. Ron is a musician and and a luthier, i.e. he makes and repairs stringed instruments and bows. And recently he has been doing more work with silver, to make the fittings for his bows.

So I asked him if he could make me a ring. And he has, it is in Argentium, silver alloyed with germanium rather than copper, so is whiter, stronger and more tarnish resistant than sterling silver. He designed and made it, knowing my liking for statement pieces. His first ever attempt at jewellery. I think its amazing, I will treasure it all the more as we both have had, we believe, and survived Covid. So a lot to mark and celebrate this year.

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It is stunning! Ron is extremely talented. Have you made something for him, using your kiln?

I hope you and Ron have a wonderful few days and enjoy the joint birthday cake.

Look after yourselves

Ann xx

Thanks Ann, Ron doesn't really wear jewellery but he loves cufflinks, though only wears them a few times a year here in Spain! My fall delayed my work on that but I have made some Blue Aventurine glass fronts with silver flakes, and have another couple of ideas to try before I decide on the finished article. And, typical of a musician, he never stops learning so I am buying him an online masterclass in 'advanced techniques in thumb position and harmonics', loosely translated as Bass playing in the stratosphere for us mere mortals!

Margaret xx

That sounds perfect! (If I understood what it involved!)

I do hope you are recovering from your fall and will be able to, at least, have a ménu del día by the seaside as part of your celebrations (if it is anything like where I live, fly-swats at the ready)

Ann xx

well he does tell me but I find it very hard to understand, just love his beautiful playing!

Don't know about eating out. It's getting busier, stats are going up, not sure its worth the risk. I'm planning a tapas spread for my birthday and a Thai duck curry for Ron's so some of our favourite things.

Take care

(oops did you see the typo before I deleted?)

Margaret xx

That’s so beautiful and special ❤️❤️

That is absolutely unique and lovely margaretpaloma. You are a very lucky lady to have such a talented husband. I hope that you both have very happy birthdays and many more happy years together. 🙏👍😊

Happy birthday that's special and very beautiful x

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Happy Birthday. A very beautiful ring made for you by someone who loves you very much. You can't buy that in shops. Have a most wonderful time, the both of you. 🎂🍹😊🌸🌼

How beautiful! A gift from the heart you will always treasure!

Oh how lovely is that. Well done Ron and lucky you! So special to have something made for you and extra special for your husband to have made it. I love it. I think Ron has earned himself a few brownie points there x

That is a beautiful ring, Ron is indeed very talented. I hope you have a wonderful 70th, albeit with curtailed celebrations.

I am 60 next month and am now giving any celebrations a long, hard think!!

Happy Birthday! xx

Thank you all for your kind comments. Ron is delighted!

Firstly a very happy birthday to both of you,and secondly that ring is truly a stunning piece of jewellery,and a brilliant first attempt,well done to your hubby

That's really beautiful and of course, original. Made with love. 😀🌸

What a beautiful ring you have and a wonderful relationship. Methinks, no matter the limitations of Covid-19, you'll be sharing a happy birthday week!

God Bless you both!

e-hugz, dee x

P.S. I don't suppose you've heard from Zoonie? I can't find him and I'd love to know how he's getting on reducing/removing Duloxetine. Thank you!

Thank you, I think I ma a very lucky lady. no haven't heard from Zoonie for a while, sorry

I love your ring and totally agree it is a very special gift.

My personal choice for jewellery is always silver so I was interested to read of the material used here.

You are a lucky lady indeed.

Have a wonderful week of birthday treats together.

Happy Birthday to you both


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margaretpaloma in reply to ellj

Thank you, I don't know how much Argentium jewellery is for sale, it has all sorts of interesting properties to work with, which is why Ron started using it. I live in Spain and silver can tarnish badly, so its a good choice, I shall see how it goes. And I love the whiter colour, especially when textured like this ring.

I am lucky indeed.

And thanks for the birthday wishes, it is always special having birthdays so close.

It's a lovely ring Margaret and a lovely gift to mark your 70th. Hope it's good birthdays for you both. x

I think he's found a new calling.

Absolutely stunning 😀 what a treasure your husband is 👍 enjoy your celebrations 🎉

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