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Birthday Blues!

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Today I am 21 yet again! Lots of telephone calls but not so many cards as they are held up in the post.

It's very odd just staying at home for the day although hubby is doing a 'special' meal this evening. We shall certainly have a lot of 'catching up' to do when we eventually 'escape'.

How have others coped with celebrations in lockdown?

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Well Happy Birthday Patsy10 and I'm sure your husband will be cooking you a fabulous celebratory meal for this evening. Only yesterday one of our Moderators celebrated a birthday in lockdown and let us all know what a lovely time she had. I think celebrations are very different at the moment but we must do our best to make the most of these special occasions. Have a wonderful evening. Make sure the hubby does the washing up. xx

Happy birthday. It's my god daughters 21 st today. Just at home all day. Dont think it was quite what she had planned. Hope you enjoy your meal this evening 🥳

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Patsy10 in reply to Agoodenough

Thank you. It's a shame for your goddaughter as being 21 is perhaps the biggest party of all.

At that age you can party for 24 hours without stopping. Happy Birthday to her.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Happy birthday enjoy your meal and you can have 2 birthdays like the queen..

My S.I.L had a big 50th bash planned last month that had to be cancelled

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Patsy10 in reply to Craftyperson

Thanks, I really like the idea of having two birthdays and have taken it on board.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Patsy10

Glad to be of help

I don't have celebrations, in or out of lockdown 😂. If I get one card for my birthday I am lucky and never any phone calls. So to me it sounds like you're having a ball 😃.

I might treat myself to an extra long bike ride on my birthday, if I'm up to it :)

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Patsy10 in reply to TRST

It's sad to hear that you don't celebrate although a long bike ride sounds good to me at the moment. A walk at the coast would be nice or even by the river but we shall have to wait.

I shall wish you A very Happy Birthday now for whenever it happens to fall. x

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TRST in reply to Patsy10

I hope you have a lovely evening 🎂

Hi Patsy10

A very happy birthday to you and isn't it strange. I had my birthday towards the end of April and I have to say it was very strange, so so quiet. The one thing I missed on my birthday more than anything was not being able to see my grandchildren.

I really hope that you have had a good day so far and that you relax and enjoy tonight. We will be thinking in months to come and when we finally have a vaccine, where has the time gone as before we know it we'll be back to a 'new normal'.

Stay safe and well and enjoy the rest of your birthday. :)

Alicia :)

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Patsy10 in reply to

Thank you Alicia. I am also missing hugs from grandsons. x

in reply to Patsy10

I bet you are but I hope you've managed to enjoy your day as much as you can xx

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Many happy returns Patsy. Enjoy your special meal later.

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Patsy10 in reply to Ghounds

Thank you so much.

Thanks Jerry, I know it's only a birthday, last week my hubby had his and the week before was our 50th anniversary. Having all three so close together in lockdown feels a bit sad today.

I'll be fine tomorrow and I know we shall celebrate when all this is over.

Hi it is my B.D. on the 22nd I will be 78, a widow who lives on her own, as she has no family close by. I usually take myself out to a nice lunch, but with this stay at home I will be "Staying at home". I Love Lobster, at Christmas I bought 2 tails, two were cheaper than one. So I plan on a nice meal, Lobster with melted butter, peas with fresh mint, pilaf and a nice glass of Calif. wine!!! Making myself feel hungry!!! I hope you have a lovely day and especially a great evening. Happy Birthday......sending love and hugs....Sprinkle 1......

Thank you so much x

Happy Birthday 🥳

Happy birthday hope you have a lovely evening after all this is over do something big to celebrate then I know not the same so make it a dream of yours xx

My grandaughter had her birthday last week and her husband put a tent up in the garden decorated it and did afternoon tea then in the evening did her a meal in her own little restaurant in garden so in times like these you have to do what you can and make up for it later she enjoyed itxx

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Patsy10 in reply to Bobbyo1

That sounds great, they are obviously considerably younger than us. I don't think my hubby

would manage erecting a tent nowadays but he can certainly cook!

Happy Birthday Patsy10

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Patsy10 in reply to OrangeT


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