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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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In Praise of the 111 Service

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Dea r All,

I have clearly, either 'Bashed' myself and/ or received an Insect bite, on my left hand, near my Little Finger. It ha got slowly more, and more Inflamed as the day has progressed.

I telephoned the 111- GP service. A Very Pleasant lady, guided me through some- fairly basic- questions, and I truthfully said that 'I was worried, because of my Condition'. The lady informed me that she would Refere this to the, Out Of Hours Service, and that should recieve a call (within twelve Hours).

Well 'Blow me' about, three minutes later I had a call, and an appointment, at the local Minor Injuries Unit. My Mother took me there, I waited about fifteen minutes, Hand Washing- and Sanitisers- were available on arrival.

The, very pleasant, Doctor I saw examined my hand and decided that, it WAS 'quite swollen'. She drew a line arround it and, informed, me that she 'Would write me a Prescription BUT didn't want me to Take It, unless the Swelling Increased'. She didn't want to 'Overlaod' my system- with me being on so many other Drugs. The Doctor sent, the Prescription, Electonically and I 'picked it up' about twenty minutes later.

So within, round about an hour, I had seem a Doctor and received a Prescription, from a friendly Doctor.... What More could you ask for? Definitely Ten, Out Of Ten.


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I hope it gets better soon and doesn't get infected.

I have always found NHS direct very helpful when I have rung them for advice on various things.

You shouldn't be afraid to use these places when you need them.

That's good to hear, hope you're on the mend soon, if having your fish and chips again tomorrow hope you enjoy them

Good for you, I am glad you got excellent service, I hope the bump goes down, Have have been bitten in my veg. garden, not sure what it was, it got me mostly on my legs, it got red and itched lick heck, I treated it with insect bite med's, what ever it was left bruises in different places. So please be careful.....sending good health, love n hugs......

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That really is great AndrewT. hope your hand improves very soon. Take care. 🌞

That’s great, hope you feel better soon, we are so lucky aren’t we,

When I woke this morning my face was swollen Up and red like I’d had an insect bite , or an allergy, I rang my surgery and they said appointments for emergencies only, to go online and do an assessment which I did, and within two two My dr rang me back for a chat, and said she’d send a prescription down to the chemist for me to pick up.

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Roukaya in reply to

I hope you are feeling better

in reply to Roukaya

Thank you Roukaya , it better tonight, hope you are ok

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Good evening

I am not ok

My Mother is becoming very difficult as her former male friend is making her life difficult and expects me to solve her problems

I think I listen to her everyday but it is interfering with the exam resits I am due to take and finding employment

I think she prioritised him as soon as she met him and openly insulted me if I said anything wrong

Now because he could not take advantage of her he is nasty and she expects me to solve this

in reply to Roukaya

You can’t solve her problems Roukaya as you have learned, It’s very difficult but I think you’ve done all you can to help your Mother, now it’s time to look after yourself, And to concentrate on getting on with your exams.

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ninelives in reply to Roukaya

Roukaya you are not responsible for anyone elses behaviour but your own.

Wishing you every success in your exams .

Hope that you can find a way forward with your Mum in the difficult situation you find yourself in

Thinking of you.

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Roukaya in reply to ninelives

Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for your understanding with I agree with

I am fifty years old trying to make sense of my own

How are you coping in Lock Down

Excellent service AndrewT. Thank you for telling us about your experience which sounds really positive. Many of us have wondered what might happen in the event of something like that happening to us, and now we know! 👍

You have to be strong Roukaya , this is your life, your Mum has had a good life , it’s your turn now.

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I hope you are keeping well

I wonder if you were in my place with a Mother like mine , how would you be able to cope

It is interesting when you say I have to make my life because this is what I have been trying to do since 2000

But I had to deal with the care of an elderly Father and now he has gone my Mother is expecting me to sort out her mess the daughter who she neglected when she had him in her life

I hope you are ok and thank you for listening

Get well soon,my mum always hadba

Get well soon I sympathy for u as my mum has bad reactions to insect bits and such like all the time it's not fun!xx

Brilliant service,i cannot knock the NHS.

So refreshing to hear positive feedback.

Made my day.

Hope you feel back to normal soon

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