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Today was the first day that I didn't run to my medication to help my calm down. And with today being Friday and getting ready for the weekend. My work got some very sad news about a fellow coworker passing away today on he's way to work. Even though I didn't know him personally but seeing everyone's reaction hit hard. Because death is something that I fear the most and that is something that is part of my anxiety. But for some reason my anxiety didn't creep on me after they let everyone leave early today. Maybe I'm just in shocked about it but it gave me totally different out look in life today.

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  • I left the house twice today and forgot my anxiety meds both times and I survived but I forgot to get smokes should. I have to leave again in the morning. Wish me luck.

  • Death was always a part of my anxiety too. I've died many times, thinking oh no this is it, I finally got rid of the fear by facing it. I would think fine go ahead die now because I wasn't really living. It's difficult to do , face those fears down, but you can do it. When you run into real death as you recently did, it has a whole different feel about, a seriousness that doesn't play games. Anxiety is a game player, a cheat and a liar. Don't listen to it. Pam

  • sweetiepye wow thank you soo much for that. I never thought of it that way. I've been doing a lot better with my anxiety can't tell if it's the meds or me lol. But something is working. Really do appreciate you're input though.🌻

  • Any time , I'm happy to help, Pam