Have laugh, at my expense

I just went to fill up, my brown sugar container. I looked into the cupboard took out, what I thought was the sugar, and filled up the container with brown.......RICE! I have just finished putting 'everything' right and making a 'note' to get some brown sugar-I actually haven't got any!

Well I hope that this raised a 'smile', or two, I certainly chuckled myself....what a twit!

Best wishes to all.


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  • Could be worse, years ago my Mum put the biscuits in the fridge and the meat in the biscuit cupboard. :-D Luckily the meat was fine when we found it. :-D

  • I'm glad that it's not just me than!

  • Hi Andrew, we do such silly things. Sometimes don't we!! I remember buying my other half some razors. We couldn't find them anywhere!! One day I took something out of the fridge and there they were!! Lurking behind the cheesešŸ˜®Well where else would you put them!! šŸ˜¬

  • Sort of a 'cut above'! Merry Christmas.

  • As long as you don't use a cup of salt instead of a cup of sugar when making a dessert!!

  • PLEASE don't say that!