Positive Wellbeing

This Is allegedly true

Harvard, in conjunction with Michigan University, have now attained a definite answer to the question "Why do some people strike a match away, from themselves and others towards from themselves". After years of research, using the very latest technology, no to mention psychological analysis, they have concluded that it is........To Light it!

Whist some may say that this was 'a (expletive deleted) waste of hard earned money' others believe that the research-that ran into thousands of Dollars, in funds- WAS justified. Supporters point to The flawed 'Bio-mass' generator, built in at Cambridge University, as proof that 'you lot' don't always get it right either.

Personally I think BOTH 'things' are a complete waste of time, and money, but what do I know? I'm off to finish milking the goldfish-apparently Goldfish milk is very much in demand. Who by, you might ask, it's erm, erm, those in Harvard and Michigan Universities apparently!

Hope this raised a 'smile' anyway. Happy Easter, well almost anyway.