Positive Wellbeing

The joys of compost!!

I quite surprised myself today

I needed to get out of my messy house, and wanted to just do something physical so I didn't give myself time to dwell on stuff.

So it seemed like the ideal time to empty out my compost over the allotment, ,,,, wow what a lot of compost....! Looking forward to some good fruit off the raspberries next year,

Long story short... It seems to have done me the world of good... Laughed out loud for the first time in three weeks tonight, though the bathwater was pretty filthy afterwards, and that was even after washing my feet in the water trough before coming home from the allotment.

Anyway thoroughly recommending compost tossing to perk you up..;-)

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Composting? Much too hard work but good on ya chuck. I had a lovely afternoon as went to my card group and played Euchre. I love the game and we didn't stop laughing all afternoon :D x


I misread what you wrote at first and my mind boggled at the thought of a card game called eunuch, I was wondering if that needed extra sharp playing cards. :-) :-)

My tummy muscles did feel it a bit in the morning, but a swim has loosened things up this Evening.

I'd still recommend compost flinging as therapy. ;-)


PMSL! chucking away here at the thought of it. I still think I will give compast 'flinging' a miss as I suffer from copd and don't think I could cope with that level of physical activity! x