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Anyone feel hazy all the time since having ppd?


I have been feeling this foggy, hazy feeling all the time. I didnt feel this way before with my other kids. Will this ever end? Its been almost 2 years. Its like nothing is clear. Like im in a daze.

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Hi Tealgirl I’m sorry you’re still struggling with this awful symptom. Have you spoken to your dr recently. This was a horrible symptom for me and left with antidepressants though certainly for a couple of years would return with pmt, illness, tiredness and stress. But it did go completely .

As well as medication symptoms were usually eased with aerobic exercise - at about the 15 min mark in an exercise class I’ve always found the symptom to lift x

Thank you for your kind words. Its gotten little better but still there. I upped my medicine a little. Might try upping after a little bit. But i need to exercise!

Hopefully you’ll see a difference.

I’m sorry you’ve probably said previously but I’ve forgotten - does this haziness ebb and flow? Is it constant ? Is it worse at any time ?

It can be hard to get into exercise especially after a break from it. Perhaps get an app for motivation or do something with a friend. I had a bit of a gap, put on weight but have started doing a couple of exercise classes when I can - it does make a difference . Certainly worth a go x

The hazy has been constant..but without medication my anxiety is worse. I guess it helps a little with meds. I feel like the minute i had my son i felt different and i have been stuck in this fog.

That was the symptom I struggled the most with for sure. It started off at about 4 months after an exhausting week (I think I was mildly depressed beforehand and burning the candle at both ends) and was pretty much constant after that. I took citalopram which helped a lot but it would return intermittently.

What meds were you taking? X

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I wanted to add that it did go ! I was told by a psychiatrist nurse that it’s a common depression symptom.

So don’t lose hope! What do Drs say?

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Rocky I always love reading your posts. They give me encouragement. I’m working on 2 years pp and still feel “foggy” about two week out of the month, before and during my period. I can’t wait for it to go away completely!

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Hi Jdjsjs

Thank you for your kind words and I’m so pleased that I can help keep up your spirits.

I can imagine that 2/4 weeks of foggyness can be tough . Has it lessened in intensity ? Do you take any meds?

Exercise helped me hugely with this symptom - do you do any? X

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