Intrusive thoughts, low mood and unhappiness. Not sure if I'll ever recover 😢😢

Hello, been suffering with PNI for almost 5 months now and keep thinking I should be better by now. I have sexual intrusive thoughts and an scared this is it for my life now. I'm on another forum too which is a massive life line for me and the ladies are so lovely, I'm just looking for any reassurance that this isn't for life. I found this forum by chance today so felt the need to post, I'm not sure if it's all still active but here I am.

Appreciate any thoughts or recovery stories


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  • Hi

    I just wanted to send a reassuring word that you'll recover. You're a wonderful mum who would never harm her child and these thoughts are the mothering instinct going into overdrive where you even see danger from yourself . Hang on in there X