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To all those that feel they have or is almost recovered from pni, how do you feel now? Do you still have the anxiety?

I still have anxiety on a daily basis, I cannot get out of the house on my own. My little one is almost four years old. When I am highly stressed which is frequent. Or the very week before I am due my period I feel all the post natal symptoms. Does every woman still get this? Have I recovered or am I still suffering? Is this me for life?

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get out and start running it helps I know someone had six children and only four time post natal both of us now run really helps especially around period time ,believe me the sooner you take small steps the quicker you will balance


Hi Sarah,

I was like that for a little while too - mini PNI episode prior to period and anxiety flare ups. This has improved massively but I do have the option to use valium for PMT - and this works for me. In my experience it's not you for life - my life is now transformed since PNI.

Big hugs xx


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