Coping with work and PND

I was diagnosed with PND a few months ago, just as I was returning to work after maternity leave. I have been taking anti depressants and I have definitely noticed a difference since being on them. I still have bad days but not as much. But since returning to work a lot has changed there, we are running very short staffed and I really feel the pressure at work, I always end up with an extremely sore head whilst on shift and many times been close to tears due to feeling pressure. I am seeing my doctor this week and I will speak to her but I just wondered if anyone found work was keeping them from making a good recovery? I think a lot of people with PND will enjoy work as it is a break from home life but I don't enjoy my job at all. Thanks for any help.

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  • Hello

    Your job is putting a lot of pressure on you due to short staffing so it's understandable that you are feeling stressed.

    My opinion is that even though you are doing so well you are recovering so are still vulnerable. Any significant stress can make u blip and what would be a stressful situation ordinarily, that much worse.

    Can u talk to your manager and or hr about yur workload and how it's making you feel. They do ave a duty of care to you.


  • Hi, I agree with Monica - it's important to get the balance right when at the recovery stage. I saw occupational health and they advised my managers so as to ensure a successful return to work. Work has helped me enormously in the later stages of recovery and has given me a lot of positives which I'm sure has helped.

    How are you getting on?


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