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Really down:(

Hi everyone,iv got an 11 month old baby girl love her to pieces however since giving her being born i cant help but feel down,somedays are beta then others but i feel useless worthless al she does is winge and is in to everything she sees which ino are both normal things for babies,but im struglling to adjust to the masive change having a baby has in your life xx

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Hi there

Have you been to see your gp at all or spoken to anyone else about how you're feeling? Often just sharing how you're feeling can be a bit of a weight off your shoulders. Please do come and visit us at where you will receive lots of help and support from the lovely ladies there xxx



Having a baby is a huge change. The media in particular portray this as being all roses, but it can be anything but. Tiredness, hormonal changes, often isolation and having baby is huge and overwhelming responsibility can be too much. This is very common so you ate not alone.

Please think about seeing your dr/hv. Counselling and or Meds can help hugely. Have u tod anyone else how u feel?x


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