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Today's results

Hi guys,

I said I would let you know how the appointment went at the hospital.

The results of the x-ray on my hands was good news. I don't have RA. So I am back to square one with my hands, especially with the left one, always being stiff and painful.

I have an appointment made for an x-ray on my head, because of the never-ending fuzzy head. Just to eliminate anything else other than the medication causing it. I also have an appointment with another rheumy to rule out any other conditions relating to my hands.

Many thanks for all your help.

Best regards


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Hello Buenavista

That is good news for you - PMR is quite enough to cope with without having RA thrown into the equation.

It seems that quite a few people with PMR complain of painful and stiff hands. Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked as muscle and joint pain can be a symptom of Vit D deficiency?

Good luck with the head X-ray.


Good luck Buenavista its Trish 29 I forgot to say good luck with your tests on your head and hands. I've been taking New Zealand Green lipped mussel tablets and my hands are much easier but apparently you have to take them for a few months to get the benefit from them. All the best. Pat (trish29).


Trish29 and Celtic,

I had a bad day yesterday. The hospital appointment was 2 hours late and the lights don't help the fuzzy head.

Reference the sun, it has rained here from October until the first week in April. This week I have had lots of vitamin D. I will get the doc to check my vitamin D levels.

We hit 32 deg C today, sorry you can't get over, so I will send you some Sun.

Hope you get good info from GP.




Hello Buenavista it's trish29 I hope you are feeling better today. I didn't get back to you yesterday because my meeting with my GP was short and sweet ! I haven't got any new tests booked but he did put the blood pressure tablets Ramipril down to 5 mg from 10 mg. Already my head isn't so muzzy and I haven't got a dry throat today which is some improvement. My GP and I are trying to get a new Rheumy appointment, at the moment it's the 12th June ( you seem to have a better service in Spain) I hope you improve and get rid of those fuzzy heads Pat ( trish29)


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