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so tired

im so tired today and my eye sight seam more blurry than normal , i still dont understand why my left leg is more swollen than my right, ive always got ahes but over the last couple of weeks ive been getting a fare bit of pain from one shoulder blade to the other after doing anything , ive just put it down to the same as all the other pains after doing anything i.e lower back hips legs etc.


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I do hope you overcome these problems soon but you have given me some sense of credibility as I've told my rheumy about my extreme tiredness, blurry vision, etc and she looks at me as if it shouldn't be happening and is looking for some diagnosis other than PMR and GCA now......I thought these were side effects of the pred. I'm on but she seems not to think that.


lets hope u get some answers did she say wot it could be ?

steph x


Nope...just sending me for all sorts of scans, tests, biopsies, etc.


Hi Steph

I have the same problems and have been told if the blurriness gets worse to go to A &E The last time I went the blurriness was caused by dry eye. I get this a lot and they have prescribed drops that I use every 4 hours. they do help. I also get the same pains especially the lower back pain. The more I try and do the worse it gets and I really have to sit down or fall down. I am always tired and everything is an effort.



Oh dear one of those days today woke up dropped all morning pills ,had taken some WHICH ONES panic ,but am still here my good eye ,was all misty is this one going as well ???The day has got better ,i am sure we all long for back to where we where before P M R AND GCA.

hope get some answers i am thinking of asking for Scan as all blood tests have been in normal range all though this .Good luck .


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