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pmr reduction

i have dropped 2mls a day of presidone and i have still pain in kneck and shoulders now tingling in my arms and hands.

Iam taking pain killers tramacete and gabapentin for neoro rright side damage.i also have medication for angina ad blood pressure.Iam coping but tire easily i do need the pain killers as well. The steriods have given me more energy and clearer sight as now.

i still have the cramps in legs but not as bad. i try to exercise in my chair.

The inflammation i think has gone down and stayed down but still there i know as dull ache in all areas.

i hope the reduction works but its early days for me.

Ihope everyone else is coping and getting through their reductions.i see dspecialist end month next week so will know more then.

This site is so informative and helpful thankyou to you all. i had never heard of this condition till tested and sent to specialis for this

For Myself i think rest helps and small tasks i did overdue it and caused more pain.

Everyone is different i know.I am lucky get lot family friends help but i live alone have carer comes daily help me wash dress etc.

If anyone has any suggestions for this conditon please write best wishes to everyone jinnyxxx

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Keep going Jinnyone. You may have quite a few problems but you come over

as a very positive person and this attitude is so important.

Rest and small tasks is just what I have tried to do and a little exercise every day.

I know I am on the mend now - it's taken one year. Keep going.

Best wishes xx


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