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PMR an osteoporosis

Gota call from my GP today the result of dexa scan is I have osteoporosis,my question is there is so much info out there regarding this subject,so can someone tell me in layman terms can this disease be halted? what is the best treatment for it? I know about weight bearing exercise but can you do light running? As I use to run a lot,how much calcium can you get from milk cheese yogurt to provide your daily intake of calcium?does the pred counteract with the medication given for OP? Please all info is appreciated. Also my dosage after 2 months of being told I have PMR has now been reduce to 10mg so far so good my body is coping with the low dosage ,is this normal?in a few weeks I've been told to reduce it to 7.5 mg,so hope all goes well, Akumal

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At first when I was very sick I got to see 2 rheumys, one NHS hospital based, one private but also of course working almost full time at another NHS hospital. I paid a lorra lorra money to go to see him, goes against my grain, but it was before I discovered this site and I needed much more information and someone to answer my questions that the first NHS medic didn't have the time for in a busy clinic. Or maybe living alone, panicky from finding stairs suddenly difficult to manage and at that time not knowing anyone else with PMR drove me to him. Both had the same advice - below 10mg I should come down by 1mg only, one said every 4 or 6 weeks, the other every 4 weeks. If you have osteoporosis which must be worrying for you, perhaps there is a good medical reason for your doc (rheumy or GP I'm not clear which?) to advise you a more speedy pred reduction. I don't know about this, but I very much hope you and your docs have good communication and together you can agree on pred reduction which will suit you. Sue8 armed me to stand on my hind legs and be more demanding than I used to be - she was so right. You will probably be prescribed alendronic acid and calcium. My Mum was on it from about age 75 for a long time without any side effects. It did well for her and clearly halted the progression of her osteoporosis. Good luck and I hope all goes well with you too.


I also got Osteo from the prednison. Doctor gave me Fosomax once weekly..That seems to built up your bone mass again....also am taking extra calcium.

Good luck with it all....


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