Follow up to previous post "Rheumatologist now not sure I have PMR"

Just got back from the Rheumatologist, and all my test results are back.

It confirms that I do have PMR after all !

Glad to have it official at last and to have had everything else ruled out - now I know what it is I can cope with it much better.


It made the wait for the results a lot easier.

Karen x

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  • Hi Karen

    Even though none of us wants PMR, at least it must be a big relief to finally have a definite diagnosis and to have other possibly worse nasties ruled out, so welcome to the club that none of us wanted to join. I do hope you have a smooth journey to recovery but meanwhile rest assured that there will be continuing support here along the way.

  • Thank you Celtic

  • Dr,s arent sure with me yet. Ran all kinds of tests and still no definitive answer. It can get frustrating and depressing for sure.

  • Hello Bluejaygirl,

    Hang on in there!

    I have just got my final diagnosis of PMR, it took about 6 months altogether for my Rheumatologist to be definately sure. At least you know they are being thorough ! The problem is PMR is so like many other illnesses - especially if you are on the younger end of the age range like I am.

    Take care,


  • I think the 15 mg i am now on from the 10 mg 3 days ago is helping after all so maybe it is PMR. I cant figure out why I have such muscle weakness thought unless PMR can cause this. From what i have read though its not suppose to cause muscle weakness.

    Thanks for your reply

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