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Falling Down & PMR

Last Friday morning at about 7a.m. I heard the approaching refuse collectors in the road, so I got up quickly and put my dressing gown on. I unlocked the front door and stepped on to the step. I don't know what happened next as I seem to have done an "English Header" straight on to the paving slabs. The Refuse collectors came to my assistance making me lay still and sent for an ambulance, They held my hand and comforted me, and got a blanket out of the house to keep me warm. I have to point out that I am 83, so not exactly a spring chicken, It's not the first time I have fallen over, but I hope it will be the last! I was examined at the hospital, and following some tea and toast, I returned home via taxi. The Refuse collectors have agreed to put my bins out for me in future, for which I am grateful. Are the falls a symptom of PMR?

I now have a technicolour face, and who needs eyeshadow?

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Oh yes! I did the same thing and almost head butted the pavement but because of the sharp incline I had traversed, my knees hit first and my massive boobies never let me down as air bags. Lack of co-ordination is the way it is described, I just thought I was wobbling like a weeble, but no, it is a symptom, so do take care, always have some anchor point please :-)

God speed for a full recovery x


oh my. I hope you are healing well. I have not fallen yet and hopefully won't but now I know it can happen I will be extra careful even though I am only 49 lol.

Get well soon

Sue x



Oh dear poor you. I had two such heavy falls in the street and another in the house during the early days of PMR with my knees taking the worst of it plus a fractured finger. At the time, my balance was a bit all over the place from many months bed-bound before diagnosis, and my knees refused to bend so I could go down at the slightest stumble. I made a few alterations such as replacing my long dressing gown with a midi length one and resorted to wearing soft supportive shoes in the house rather than slippers. Tai Chi classes proved a tremendous help in restoring my balance problems.

I do hope you soon recover from all the soreness and I hope you've got plenty of arnica around for the bruises.


Oh dear I hope you are on the mend but what a frightening experience. I haven't been diagnosed with PMR but with GCA but have taken quite a few tumbles thankfully in the house and not in the street. Managed to fall between the bed and the bedside cabinet (3 inch gap). How I managed that I do not know never have been 3 inches wide! My husband says it is as though I have mini blackouts but they are still under investigation. Might be a side effect of the steroids as they get blamed for everything.

I hope you are okay now but it is worth mentioning to your GP etc and make sure you have plenty of hunky men around you if you are going to fall!!



I am forever falling over i fell the other week and broke the metatarsal in my foot its now in 6 pieces. my knees are scarred terrible as i just fall for no reason at all,


Hi I don't know about this one either but I'm going to ask the medical advisory panel whether they are aware of balance problems. Hope you are feeling better.


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