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update on my pmr

went to doctors to day for blood test results all test have gone up a lot, he will book me in to see rheumatology at hospital because of very bad side affect of pred can hardly walk can't

put socks or shoes on anymore wife has to wipe my bum,hope rheumatology consultant

can change meds to reduce side effects, also have had my atos assessment appointment

through 29 oct will i be fit for work or not that is the question? will post more later as things happen.

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hi yusuf, just to let u know that it will get better i have been like this for 2years it has took me that long to get down from 60mlg to 5 mlg slowly i could,nt walk wash myself make food or dress myself if it was,nt for my husband doing every thing i don,t know what i would have done, he had to leave work to look after me, hope you get good news from doctor. grace1.



I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering so, but if your blood test markers have increased then it sounds as though your present steroid dose isn't high enough to keep your symptoms under control. I hope that your appointment with the rheumatologist comes through quickly and that he/she can help you to get on the right track - meanwhile including lots of anti inflammatory foods into your diet and cutting out foods known to be inflammatory and those that encourage weight gain, may help you to feel more comfortable and get rid of some of the steroid induced weight.


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