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Please help PMRGCAuk raise money for GCA research!

Please help PMRGCAuk raise money for GCA research!

Hi. This forum is free, free, free and always will be. However, PMRGCAuk is run on a shoestring and our shoestring is wearing a bit thin! We desperately need money to help us continue our work.

This month, Jennifer from the East Anglia support group and I are doing the Carrots Night Walk around London. Here's a picture of Jennifer in training. I'm doing the full 15 miles! And trying to raise £1000 for research into Giant Cell Arteritis to save the sight of 1000 people a year in the UK who are going blind because GCA isn't being picked up quickly enough.

Fight for Sight have promised that they will match every £ we raise with another £. So if you can make a donation of £4, with Gift Aid that will actually be worth £10!

Please sponsor me and put the bounce in my walking boots! Thanks,

Kate x

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