Stiff morning

Oh dear, just as I thought things were on the up I awake this morning in pain. My neck and left arm almost numb and couldn't turn over let alone get out of bed. Finally managed to rise at 7am. Neck ok now but my arm is taking longer to recover so having breakfast early so I can go shopping with my parents and hopefully the Pred will kick in before we leave. If not my dad will be carrying for me which I hate as it should be me helping them.

It could possibly be due to hoovering my stairs and landing yesterday I suppose but life carries on regardless doesn't it? I could not change my bed linen yesterday so must try today or will have to resort to forcing one child or another to do it LOL.

Hope everyone else is pain free today, the sun is out so enjoy life. x

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  • Me too Sue, too much carrying water for my yard plants yesterday. I'm a right one to preach about pacing oneself eh?


  • oops, we are a pair. the thing I have felt really good for a few days :) But then like you do more than I should then have a small relapse :(

  • I feel a real sense of humour going on here. No matter how low you get, if you can laugh at this situation sometimes, then I think you're in with a real chance of beating it.

    Pats. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    PS The sun's shining tomorrow. Going out for a jolly.

  • if we don't laugh we will cry and we don't want to do that do we :)

  • To tell the truth, I only cried once. It was when the pred was really messing with my head.-Depression and really bad dreams. I didn't go to my GP about it because I knew what was causing it all. It improved with time and the drops in pred. Even now I still get days when I am depressed, but I really try to fight it off. It works for me. I tell myself that I am lucky and remind myself of all the good things in my life. It could be so, so much worse and just occassionally, the sun shines.


  • I am having mood swings which all my kids and hubby have noticed. I don't know if that's the pred or not or even the menopause but like you say we have a lot to be grateful and happy about so what's one more ailment :)

  • I guess it would be suprising if you didn't have times when you feel depressed and frustrated. Not for the first time, your life has been turned upside down. I got rather difficult to live with on the medium doses, but it will get better.

    As Iv'e said before. Take the drops slowly and in small amounts. It pays off in the end. The lower the dose, the more your body will notice the difference. The side effects are not just physical they can be mental too.

    Iv'e been on 7mg for 2 weeks and I get achey almost every day. Until that goes I will not drop the dose, and when I do it will only be by half a mg.


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