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Alendronic acid

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Hi all. I've just had my weekly phone app with dr and she prescribed alendronic acid 70mg once a wk. I've seen lots of ppl talk about this and I think it to help strengthen bones so what is everyone view or experiences when taking this, or side effects, any suggestions for taking it Ithink it needs to be empty stomach before any other meds and lots of water and standing or sitting for 30mins well I think that what dr just said

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Lots of posts about AA - see related posts and FAQs has one on subject.

Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Have you had a Dexascan to check your bone density to see if you actually need Allendronic Acid?

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Karenwelsh in reply to piglette

No to both. Waiting on appointment for dexa scan but taking ages but dr dod say I have to take this a acid till I come off pred and when stop taking them have another dexa then depends what the outcome is then then decide what happens then

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Karenwelsh

No, wrong way round - you need a baseline. I didn't need AA 2 months after starting pred and 11 years of pred later the bone density reading is hardly changed and I still don't need it.

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Karenwelsh in reply to PMRpro

I think I've been put on these as precaution cause dexa is taking a while to get app, should I query next wk before I start taking them? How much difference are they going to make to results of dexa if I start taking them now?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Karenwelsh

Not a lot - they take some time to show any effect - but whatever your doctor suggests, you will not crumple in a heap in a couple of months. Before you start to take them at all, you DO need to see your dentist and assess whether any invasive dental work is likely to be needed in the foreseeable future because taking AA can complicate that and some dentists will not treat patients on AA. If there is, you may need to get it completed first.

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piglette in reply to Karenwelsh

He is totally wrong and is not au fait with Alendronic Acid. You can tell him from me, I have worked with the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years. You need to have a Dexascan first to prove you need AA, as PMRPro says, and if you do take it you should not take it for more than five years the thinking is now two years. It seems that a lot of GPs have not read the latest information on bisphosphonates.

If you go ahead you might like to enquire about Ibandronic acid which you take once a month rather than once a week. You take it first thing an hour before breakfast and have to sit upright. As the others say it’s worth finding out your bone density before taking anything as there are other ways to protect your bones while taking Pred. Lots on this subject in the Forum! 😀

I ve asked a few times if I can come off the AA, but my GP keeps saying while I’m still on the Pred I have to continue with the AA.

I’m slowly tapering down and now on 4mg, so hopefully not too long to go!

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Karenwelsh in reply to Doraflora

Yes that what I was told take while on pred to protect bones

Listen to the experts on here. Do not take it until you get results of dexa and then only take if serious osteoporosis. It is difficult to not follow your doctors orders but in the end you're the one living in your body. Wish I never started the medicine and I have osteoporosis. Good luck.

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