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Hi all, anyone got any home remedies for heartburn I already take 40mg of omeprazole twice a day and also peptac when really bad, but constantly feel sick from it at moment. Have been trying ginger biscuits,

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Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help, also baking soda with water.

The biscuits may we'll be contributing to your heartburn. You could try a good dollop of plain yogurt or some grated fresh ginger steeped in warm water then strained. Piglettes remedies are said to be effective.

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Karenwelsh in reply to 123-go

Yr right biscuits not helping, as I dont like ginger in anything it only thing I had here with ginger, kids not happy when they went to get a biscuit. Ooops

Hi there Karen Welsh,Just to state the obvious!.....as well as taking the remedies, also ensure your diet isn't full of foods that might irritate the gut such as spicy foods, (Curry's, Chinese etc) ....very fatty foods (fish & chips, fried foods, etc) processed foods, and lots of alcohol. You can be taking all the ppi's and remedies in the world but if you're still eating foods that might irritate your gut, they're eventually going to struggle to be effective.

Also take your tablets with food unless directed otherwise and ask for gastro-resistant ones (unless not appropriate)

Eat your food slowly and chew properly so your body has time to start digesting it before the next mouthful hits the stomach.

I'm sure you're probably already mindful of these things but sometimes it can be the 'obvious' that we overlook!

Hope you get sorted.

Cut out carbs !!!! It’ll go overnight.

Hello Karen. I have suddenly started getting heartburn, especially after anything spicy. My GP told me to take a probiotic before going to bed & to eat bitter food ( like rocket). I also bought a book “ the dummies guide to gastric reflux “ which suggested sleeping on your left side, not the right, as well as the obvious to avoid your triggers.

Note that I do have a low carb diet.

I like herbs so this time of the year I gather mint (lots of varieties) Dill, nettles and raspberry leaves, cleavers if available and I steep them in boiling water for 10 mins. I make up a pint and leave it to stew - you can add boiling water to it through the day. Stopped carbs, milk and processed foods. Lemon tea after meals.

I like mint tea for indigestion

Also took high dose of pred after large bowl of porridge

I've found the best remedy for my rare bouts of heartburn is the old-fashioned one that my grandma used, which is a level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a small amount of water.It doesn't taste very pleasant, but isn't revolting. One satisfying burp a few minutes after taking it, and I feel fine.

However I suffered from heartburn really badly at one time and the only cure (and it really worked) was to give up drinking coffee, so maybe working out if you have a particular trigger might be the answer.

I must add that 15 years later I do drink a cup of coffee in the morning without problems. I started to do this in December when I became vegan. Unlike other posters my current diet is definitely not low carb, but it is low fat. I hardly ever have acid reflux these days.

hi karen. have you seen your doc i had the same problem. and my doc asked for a poo sample and blood tests. and it turned out i had Hpylory so iad to take 2 differant antibiotics and 60 and 60 mg omaprozal it has gone now but for a little bit of flatulance

this sounds very odd, but someone told me years ago, that sauerkraut will take away your heartburn, I have tried it, it works!! so couple tbsps of sauerkraut usually is effective, I guess it balances out the acid somehow, go give that a try

I've used apple cider vinegar, slippery elm, and just milk, all with success.

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Karenwelsh in reply to gtate1914

what is slippery elm?

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gtate1914 in reply to Karenwelsh

The inner bark of the slippery elm tree used in powder form mixed with water. This is from draxe.com: "In addition to mucilage, research demonstrates that SE contains antioxidants and antimicrobial agents, making it a great remedy for wounds, burns, boils, psoriasis and other external skin conditions triggered by inflammation.

Like other high-antioxidant foods, studies suggest it may also help relieve inflammatory bowel conditions like ulcerative colitis, which is why it’s recommended for anyone following an IBS diet."

Thanks all, am going to make a note of all suggestions and try them 1 at a time.

Hi Karen, I took lansoprazole for twenty years. I changed my diet to fresh veg everyday. Lean meats or plain fish. Keep off the tomatoes, chocolate, spicy foods, citrus fruits, peppermint and fried foods. It’s not difficult once you get into it. I’ve been off the meds now for 18 months. I hope that helps. 😊

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Karenwelsh in reply to Jolyn

I have noticed tomatoes and chocolate makes it worse. Thanks

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Jolyn in reply to Karenwelsh

This is a lovely website and has some great healthy recipes. It’s a plant based website (I’m not vegan) so I eat a piece of fish or chicken with my chosen dish. The cakes are delicious ... fat and sugar free, just sweetened with dates. 😊straightupfood.com/blog/

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jolyn

Dates aren't sugar then ;) ????

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Jolyn in reply to PMRpro

Dates are dates.

This sounds too easy but it worked for me when nothing else did. Eat an apple every day, skin included.

I had the heartburn problem for several years and it stopped almost immediately when I cut gluten out of my diet completely. I wasn't expecting that to happen as I did it because of a bowel problem which got resolved too, so it was a fantastic bonus. Another bonus was that the swelling in my hands went down too. Unbelievable really! I gave up gluten in May 2019 and my digestive system has never worked so well. Now I don't take any antacids or omeprazole and just eat as healthily as possible.

Greek yogurt works awesome at preventing heartburn, esp while taking steroids

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