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Really sorry but it’s several years since I took Naproxen and can’t really remember whether it helped me. I’ve been through a variety of painkillers and nerve medication but have abandoned them all apart from Cocodamol which is for Spinal Stenosis rather than Polymyalgia. I’m curtently on 3mg of Prednisolone. Hope you find some relief.

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I assume you meant this as a reply to an existing thread rather than a new thread?

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FSP25 in reply to PMRpro

Yes I was replying to a lady asking about my experience with Naproxen.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to FSP25

Hmmm - wonder where it was!!!

I wonder too. because I had anaphlyactic shock with Naproxen. Never had an allergy before! I would be cautious!

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