##%** M25 made me miss my Rheumatologist Appointment

I am so fed up! Because I had to use the M25 to get to my Rheumy, I arrived 30 mins late to find he had disappeared having finished the clinic. Everything seemed against me getting there. There were 3 accidents on the M25 and then when we came off it to avoid the jam, we got stuck in Dorking with another! When I tried to ring the Hospital to warn them that I would be late the switchboard could not get through to the clinic- I have since discovered that their phones were not working. They sent an e-mail which wasn't received either, and I left a message on the secretary's voicemail which didn't get through either.

When I got there to discover that no Rheumys were there, I broke down and cried ( and cried and cried). This was a long awaited appointment that had been brought forward because I have been in so much pain lately and was pinning all my hopes on seeing Dr. Hughes and finding some resolution. The HCA and Rheumatology nurse were lovely and, after I had left , the nurse rang me to say that they had booked me in for another appt. on 9th March which is amazing! I have to rearrange all my work appointments, but they have been so helpful and kind.

Here's hoping for no hold ups next week.

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  • Oh no, Suzy, I know how desperate you were for that appointment. But, hey, hats off to St Peter's and Rheumatology, for re-booking you in just 5 days time. If something goes wrong on the M25 (and it often does), it can be chaos. Is there another route you can use next time, even if it is a longer way round? We are continually finding routes other than the M25 even though that is often the most direct. Chin up and I hope the next few days waiting for your appointment passes quickly for you without too much of an increase in pain.

  • All praise to staff given half a chance they work wonders

  • So sorry to hear of the stressful day you have had. I know you were looking forward to seeing Dr Hughes in the hope he could help with your current pains. Impressed at how quickly they managed to reschedule it for you. Hopefully stress free journey next week. Take care xx

  • Hi Suzy , So sorry you missed your appointment and I can imagine how tearful you were. Let's hope that Next weeks appointment goes smoother for you .Dr Hughes is certainly worth waiting for and I have Always found the Rheumatology so helpful. I will be thinking of you and watching out to Hopefully see a post next week that says you had a good appointment with Dr Hughes . This PMR route is certainly a Rollercoaster route and I know through your previous posts that we have PMR in a similar way .Take Care trish29

  • Thank you all for your supportive and kind words. This forum is amazing!!! I really don't know what I would have done without it. Love to all the warriors xx

  • I know how you feel Suzy, I had to wait 4 months in terrible pain before my Gp agreed to refer me,because she woudnt accept that I had PMR. When I finally shuffled in to see the Rheumy, she took one look at me and said pmr. After examining me she gave me the prescription for Pred. I took it to the surgery and they said come back for the tablets tomorrow. Went back next day, they had lost it. I stood outside in the car park and like you, I wept uncontrollably, I was heartbroken, a friend found me and asked what the matter was, I remember wailing at her, I can't go through another night in this pain. It was another 5 days before they got a replacement. The good news is that within 24 hours I was almost pain free, and could actually dress myself.

  • Hi Suzy, What a day! We used to travel on M25 to exhibit at big Craft shows in Syon Park and Penshurst, I dreaded it even then and I was only the passenger. Good wishes for next week, as this doc sound good. J

  • Go the day before and make a real trip of it!

    That is so frustrating when it really isn't your fault - the thought of having to use the M25 when I have to be somewhere at a particular time scares me witless!!!!! But so far I haven't had a real disaster.

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