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Prolapse and bowel incontinence


Can bowel incontinence be caused by a prolapse of some sort. My doctor has just told me to take immodium for a while, and I am feeling odd protrusions in my vagina. I am 70, and had a long posterior labour with my first son, followed by forceps delivery and episiotomy, which has left scarring.

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I am sorry but I don’t know the answer to this question. Perhaps your doctor could tell you

Hello. I believe it can be caused by a prolapse. Certainly the vaginal symptoms can be due to a prolapse. You do need to see your GP to sort this out, but it can be resolved as far as I am aware by using a pessary ring. A friend of mine was in a similar position, so my own knowledge is scant. Hope you can resolve quickly. No fun!

Yes it can, but sometimes it’s by the prolapse causing incomplete emptying of the bowel so you get an overflow. Also, I expect haemorrhoids are having a go to which can make the sphincter not as good at making a good seal. Add a bit of wind that makes the bowel puff up and there’s even more pressure. Do go to the doc. There’s something called a ring pessary that can keep things hitched up better. Pred caused weak muscles to make my pelvic floor give up the ghost. I went to a specialist physio who noted by a abdo muscles were also rubbish which meant my pelvic floor was taking the burden. Part of my plan was specific exercises for that too. There are things that can be done before surgery which hopefully will stop you walking around feeling like you’re about to lay an egg. It’s a long process but worth it.

Yes it can. In addition to the other advice, ask to be referred to a pelvic health physio, they usually reside in the continence clinic and they are great if you get a good one. They can work wonders without the need for surgery.

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