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Meetup at Leeds yesterday


Thank you everyone who organised yesterday's meeting. It was relaxed, informative, interesting and well attended.

I'd recommend these support meetings as it is such a good way to meet others who have been, or going through the same sort of problems.

Thanks again.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Until you’ve been to a meeting you don’t realise how good they are....just to be able to talk to those that understand is a major step in coping with your illness.

Your friends and family do their best, but they just don’t know what you are going through.

Thanks Marlene, I'm glad it was useful even though we didn't have time to discuss everything we wanted to. Lovely to see new people too. Am PMing you some private thoughts.

It was a good meeting with 12 of us there. Lots of different discussions and quite a bit more for on GCA that was very informative. Thanks to tangocharlie for hosting the meeting.

Hi Marlene hope your blood results were ok and you feel a bit better. I definitely found the meeting useful being new to PMR. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive and genuinely interested in helping in any way they could . Meeting other people who shared their experiences (both good and bad!) has helped me gain a bit of an insight into how complex this illness and it's awful cousin GCA can be to navigate and deal with day to day for people. But what was also really good is there were also people there who proved that there is light at the end of the tunnel (even if that tunnel might seem never ending and a bit daunting to start with!)

Thank you to everyone there really enjoyed meeting you all & look forward to next Leeds meeting. Cathy x

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Hi Cathy, Rhuemy said to have 40 mg Prednisolone for a week- I have posted today under "GCA or not update ". Now 3rd day on 40 mg and feeling better.

Looking forward to seeing you at next meeting.

Take care.

Marlene x

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Let's hope that helps with the diagnosis!! 😍

Hi Marlene

I’m pleased the meeting went well.

I always attended in Southend and found them really helpful. However since moving to Yorkshire it hasn’t been possible yet. Was the meeting in Ilkley?

Keep up the good work.

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Last Thursday's meeting was in Leeds, but the Ilkley meeting is on 26th Feb.

I think you're on our mailing list, but if you didn't receive details of these 2 meet-ups, please PM me or email us at

Looking forward to seeing you when you can come.

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I did get info about the Ilkley one but it’s too far for me at the moment - where in Leeds was the other one held? Don’t recall another one but could be wrong. I’m still finding my way round - the only way I know is to the hospital!

Thanks Rugger x

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Leeds meetings are in a room in John Lewis. Are you in Leeds? There were 2 of us from Sheffield.

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I’m in Tingley. It’s a Wakefield postcode but not far from Leeds. It’s been hectic with illness since we moved but hope to make it one day.

Thanks for replying, much appreciated.

Thank you for your comments, Marlene. The group is not quite 3 years old, but we have almost 50 names on the mailing list, from across Yorkshire and Lancashire. It was good to have a mix of new members and we 'originals' last week.

Good to read you're starting to feel better.

I echo your comments Marlene. It was good to meet up and share. And thanks TC for chairing, shame no time for low time?

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