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Leeds Community Hub 10 September


Thank you to Sue an Sue for a really good meeting.

Sarah was an excellent speaker well informed and knowledgeable. Her answers to our questions helped me understand a lot more about research trials for PMRGCA, GPS understanding of the conditions and the way NHS decide the best treatment. It was well organised and delivered. The group who attended all had a different story but in many ways we had similar circumstances. The daily challenges we face and sense of loss for how we were before was a common theme. There was someone there who was off Pred. It had taken a year to get down from 5 to 1 mg. That gave me hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. I now think PMR is not forever. It just feels like it. Thanks again for an enlightening day and to Sue who convinced me to go instead of feeling sorry for myself.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

See Parker’s been busy doing the laundry😏

He’s getting the cases packed for our big trip. He thought for 6 weeks two changes of clothes would do it. I have to watch him or he slacks off.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Estellemac

You really can’t them think for themselves can you? Keep up the good work.

So glad you enjoyed the meeting and that I managed to twist your arm to come!

So that's how you get such a nice tan - leave the jobs to Parker and get your legs in the sun! :-)

Bon voyage!

Hidden in reply to Rugger

Thank you Sue & Sue for hosting the Leeds meeting. Good to hear Sarah speaking - wish she was my Rheumy! Glad I did the trip, felt quite energised after meeting. Would be nice to keep John Lewis meeting venue. Perhaps we need to put e mail names on name stickers at meetings - I'm not sure who estellemac is (and I don't recognise those lovely tanned legs either)! haha.

Val (tansy13)

Estellemac in reply to Hidden

Hi I am M’Lady from the Parker saga. Its Yvonne from the meeting.

Hidden in reply to Estellemac

Aah, I now know who is behind your e mail moniker! Will say hello at next meeting. Have a good holiday.


I would just like to reiterate all Rugger said, it was good to see you yesterday pleased you made it.

Have a really good holiday, take care.

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