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PMR appetite issues


Good morning...

Being overweight for years, of course after learning that steroid’s were treatment for PMR and it was entirely likely I would have a weight gain, I dreaded it. I was started on 10mgs of prednisone on December 12, 2019. Since then I have not gained weight. In addition once I take the prednisone in the morning I have energy but don’t get hungry for most of the day until dinner. And the worst is that in the evenings I get almost uncontrollable cravings for sugary foods and snacks. Has anyone else had issues similar to this ? Of course I don’t mind not wanting to eat constantly but it’s so weird compared to my past eating habits.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or input you may have ☺️

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I certainly get the night time munchies unless I eat a good low carb high fat dinner. I had lost 20kgs at last weight measure at hospital but still a way to go... Struggling at moment. I try not to buy snack type foods and save some carbs for if I need a peanut butter sandwich, which seems to stop the munchies a bit. I do take sleeping tablets which can upset the apple Cart especially if I am stressed and sleep eat/cook/bake (with no memory of it). I also make sure if I do have a supper I don't just automatically eat whilst watching TV or reading. A few times I have eaten a couple of oat cakes and not even enjoyed them. If I am going to snack I should at lest enjoy and savour it! Good luck and use us as support. Many struggle whether that's trying to put weight on or take it off.

My biggest problem is late night munching. During the day i dont crave anything but because i am only sleeping for anout 3/4 hours a night i have plenty of hours to think of food. I like scoops try not to buy snack foods although this doesnt always make a difference because i like baking as well!! You need to find snack foods like celery and full fat cream cheese to nibble on instead.YBB

Yes , craving sweet stuff in the evening😰 : I try and knit or crochet to keep me busy : also stops me falling asleep in front of the tv 🙄

When I first started pred I could eat a horse, followed by another horse. It did go away as I reduced.

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I got diagnosed in october and the first christmas was horrendous as i just ate advent calendars at night!! One after the other! Only the grandsons survived the onslaught but it was very close!!

Roast leg of close relative!


The day I took my first dose of pred I stopped being hungry and desperate for something, ANYTHING as long as it was carbs in the afternoon. And that was just the PMR! I had gained weight with PMR (5 years of relative inactivity) but didn't gain more with prednisolone, it just rearranged itself. It was a different matter with methyl prednisolone though!

The only time I want sweet stuff is after eating sweet stuff - if you see what I mean. So the only suggestion I have is not to buy them in the first place which is something of a deterent ...

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I think it’s true- the more you eat sugar and other carbs, the more you crave them.

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It is physiological: sugar triggers insulin production which sends the blood sugar too low and you crave more sugar to bring it up again. You get onto a rollercoaster. If you can cut the sugar intake you get a much more rounded curve of BS going up and down again - so fewer cravings.

Yes I am exactly the same as you, the sugar cravings in the evening are unbearable.

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Ugh...guess I’ll have to try to be stronger than the cravings somehow.

Me, me, me! I get the munchies really bad in the evenings!

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