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We have to laugh - my funny side of PMR


In the spirit of "Lighthearted Sunday" i thought I would list a few amusing aspects of dealing with my PMR, or at least amusing to me:

1) My 87 year old father in law (2 hip replacements) and I (55) arguing about who would get out of their chair to toast each other for a pre Xmas meal aperitif

2) My wife using my upper arms to warm her cold hands when she comes to bed. Before PMR i was resistant to her cold hands and feet - now I like the ice block effect

3) Going to the supermarket to buy some bread and milk. Finding the selection of bread overwhelming and having to sit for 10 minutes until i had the energy to choose a loaf

4) After decades of judging men by the robustness of their handshake, now having to explain that I only have 50% power in hands to please don't squeeze

5) Going for a meal with my wife and not being able to sit-down for more than 2 minutes, wondering whether I would get away with eating whilst standing

6) Not being able to open my Pred in the morning because my hands and arms are weak and i need to take my Pred

7) having to stop a telephone call because i had completely forgotten what i was talking about despite having written it all down in notes

8) Feeling full of energy - planning a walk, but in getting dressed to go out for a walk exhausting myself and having to lie down again

9) Going to the GP for a consultation and finding the effort of concentrating on a conversation for 25mins wipes me out for the rest of the day

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I think I've experienced similar things to all on your list , except maybe the willingness for my OH to warm his freezing trotters on my limbs.

I might even try to squeeze past the symptoms and use a full quota of energy spoons to clobber him for that !😋😂😂😂

Great post , cheered me up in my sick bed , thanks x

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Just to cheer you up -

1. FIL will win hands down - or rather up!

2.My late hubby was feet warmer!

3. Even without PMR or GCA in my case, the selection is still mind boggling

4. Never mind, will improve 🤝

5. Could start a new fashion! Just tell everyone eating standing up means you don’t put on any weight! A winner

6. Repeat answer 4!

7. That’s just age - I know you’re only 55 - get used to it 😂🤣

8. Been there!

9. 25 minutes! Lucky to get 10mins here!

Happy Chrimbo!

YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to DorsetLady

Husband is my foot warmer. If i wait till hes asleep he doesnt kick up a fuss that i have ice blocks for feet. My last gp appt was actually 35 mins but i also have to take sitting waiting for ages if i am.not at the start of her clinic because some selfish person is gettting more than their 10 mins!! Just recently i cant remember names of people i have just spoken to. I cant blame pred for.everything so suspect this could just be me!! Maybe wiping the boring bits of my life out by forgetting them is the way it works!!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Yellowbluebell

Same here with our GP - but I take a good book ...

I always ask for the last appointment before lunch or the last appointment of the day. I usually manage to get in pretty early - everyone wishes to get going. Must admit the doctor always takes his time with me.

You made me smile at the familiarity of it all.

Totally get all of these, especially: not being able to sit-down for more than 2 minutes. On the upside, when you coming out the other side of pmr for me means: enjoying pilates instead of wincing at every move and feeling stronger every day. Absolutely best of all though, is being able to lift up my toddler grand daughter for a cuddle.


My daughters (and wife) want me to get a disabled pass so they don't have to drop me off at the door and then go park and have to walk so far. It is either that or they don't want to leave me alone but that never seemed to be the case before PMR. I recall dropping them off at the door whenever it was raining many times and they didn't worry about me then. I could run pretty fast back then.

I laughed out loud about the bread. Shopping use to absolutely zap me. It's better after 4 years but different. I now relish checking myself out as no one hurrys me along and I can pack my bags how I like. Merry Christmas. Next year you'll realize how far you've come.🎄

Recognise this brilliant 😂😂😂. Happy Christmas from one crock to another!

Ah yes, so much fun people don’t realise they are missing out on.

Thank you so much for expressing what you and many others of us PMR go through in as light hearted way as could be possible. You are also so young, a cousin got it at 60 when at the top of his career, with loving marriage, young son and new house. Im 74 and female, that seems to be the norm- old and female. Have you found any statistics that show men or women are getting PMR younger than in the past? Are data about new cases of PMR collected and collated and published in the UK I wonder.

I hope you keep your sense of humour.

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