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Pred affecting my temper !

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Gosh! I don’t normally go crazy over an old tennis ball ( dogs) .. but another dog pinched my dogs ball .. owner thought it was hilarious, couldn’t persuade her dog to surrender. I said I needed to collect my GC from nursery and couldn’t wait. I should have left it at that, but since no apology forthcoming a red mist descended. I told her she had no control over her dog and if I had bothered to train mine she should do the same.. she answered “ it’s not my fault if you have time issues “ and I swore at her! Me! Never swore at someone in my life, certainly not over a rotten old ball. I can only think the Pred has affected my brain badly 😱at this rate I’m going to get myself arrested ...

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I do recognise myself in that story.... I have responded to rudeness with a barrage of swear words. I am always a patient driver but had to really bite my tongue a couple of times. Fortunately I haven't had a problem with other dogs taking the ball as my dog is very possessive and would have told the dog off. It's good for you to let loose sometimes.... When you are functioning on limited energy it changes your general temperament! Can I laugh now?? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Been thier got the tee shirt

In my early days I argued with the poor lady on the checkout about the price she wanted to charge me .

I only had 4 items and was sure I was being overcharged by £1 I did pay and went back to look at prices .

Yes it was me that was wrong I did apologise to the poor lady

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Been there- on high doses of Pred.

Had a right go at a lady serving in the local garden centre cafeteria- they are always slow - but just couldn’t take it one day! Didn’t swear, but did give her a volley about how useless they were!

And yes...I apologised afterwards.

I really think our “fight or flight” gets broken. Sometimes I’ll do anything to avoid a necessary confrontation but then turn around and blast away at someone. I’m waiting to see who the real me is at the end of this mess.😂

Certainly😉. Told Husband take of woe when he got home. Said actually since I mention it, I have been giving him a hard time of it lately.. he didn’t like to say, as I’d quit moaning about the pain and could now shoot out of the chair to put the kettle on 🙄Swings and roundabouts, ladies ( and gents )


Not found myself in a rage too much on prednisolone though was very much “up and down” on higher doses. Your story did remind me very much of myself when pregnant 31 years ago-I was scary! I had assumed I would be serene but you certainly wouldn’t have wanted to upset work...driving...walking my dog...I’m very smiley, polite and nice usually 🥰

All hormonal I guess. You made me chuckle as I certainly recognised myself from a while back x

She’s lucky that your dog wasn’t my childhood Alsatian. She bit the throat of a dog that stole her beloved blue rubber ball with a bell in it. Very traumatic all round. We do have the short fuse. Very odd when you are normally a calm and placid individual. She was rude to you, worry not.

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Do you know I have a funny feeling my dog became zazzy about ball when she was doing a 10,9,8,7,6 etc taper of pred. She was a hungry angry little madam. Years later she has just slipped into the old age selective hearing, blind as a bat and wants food 24/7.

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That unfortunately sounds like me!!

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Sounds like my husband!

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As long as you didnt bite her you should be ok


OH OH I feel your fury!!! It is wild. I never lose my temper and on prednisone I have many times. and TEARY. cry cry . My son is just back from Alaska and said WHAT IS WRONG with you.! you never cry. Oh the prednisone tales we can tell. But how much better it makes us feel I will never forget not being able to lift a coffee cup!! Hopefully this temper business will go away and at least for me wont become a new brain track! Also a pox on that ill mannered woman and her ill mannered dog!

Yoga, I need your T shirt 😂

I didnt know one could READ it in that tiny photo!!

Oh yes we can......

I need one too!


Not tiny if you 'bop' the photo!

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A pox.... 🤣😂🤣

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No bad dogs - just bad owners ...

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That's like saying "No bad weather, just bad clothing"! I 'hate' bad weather whatever the clothing! So does my arthritis.

I would run a mile rather than get into a confrontational situation. Now, watch out! My poor long suffering husband wears a tin helmet and a flak jacket. Since starting Pred, 5 years ago, my temper hasn’t been great, reducing now to 7.5 and it’s definitely getting worse. I’m trying to avoid crowds, well people in general. I’ve always hated shopping so thank goodness for the internet. The idea of supermarket shopping sends shivers down my spine. As my husband says the place would be littered with dead bodies. It doesn’t help if I’m over tired then you add in lots of crying. It’s not fun!😢

If there's one thing that makes me CRAZY it's out of control dogs and out of control children. She laughed at her dog being impolite then didn't apologise so obviously didn't see she was totally in the wrong. Maybe the pred. increased your reaction but really you were totally in the right. I find I am my usual non confrontational self for weeks then something just like that sets me off. We are farmers and dog walkers on our land, often with dogs off the lead, sets me off a treat!

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I think the woman not apologising in the ball circumstance was worse than than the dogs behaviour. That thievery existed because it has been taught its good fun as owner laughs. An apology goes a long way.

Re farmland or public access land that occasionally has livestock..... I never understand why people say oh my dog won't chase. And leave them running near sheep in lambing season. Its not what the dog will or won't do its the fact that scared animals get hurt, injured and may abort. Either short lead or avoid such places when livestock out. The year before last one farmer had to shoot 3 dogs chasing ewes and stupid owners blamed the farmer, who was within his rights. For the sake of a short lead or avoidance of paths at critical periods especially, the dogs paid the price for the owners hubris.

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People who let their dogs poop on my front kawn used to wind me up and i would barge out and demand they picked it up. If they refused i used to say i would collect it and throw it after them!! They never knew if i would and usually cleared up. Unfortunately this was pre pred!! Now i am just as likely to not bother asking them to clear up and just do it myself and lob it after them!!

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It is one of my pet hates. The times I have gone to pick my dogs waste up and stepped in 3 other bits getting to it. I hate it so much that I pick up horrid poop in the middle of paths even in the "wilder places". I don't want to be stepping in it nor do I want kids to be made ill. If you think picking up your own hounds waste is bad, try an unknown dogs. 🤮

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Brecon blue.... Sorry to have gone to a scatological place.

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Nope not even going to go there!! We used to take OH dads dog put with the girls as they were always going on about getting a dog. One warm smelly poo collection each and they settled on a cat!!

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I can't stop laughing


I wouldn't worry too much about the pred if it is not causing depression. I have become much more confident as I have got older and I am now less tolerant of people who are discriminatory and rude. A few years ago I would just mumble under my breath and walk away, now I respond (usually politely, but not always). I also swear more as I get older, it's part of the language and use it appropriately, it can be fun.

It's clear that many of your readers know exactly what you are talking about. I found that one of the advantages of high dose preds is that I was quite happy to be much more forthright with the medics when I considered that they were not on the ball with my case.

I think a lot more of us should be more 'forthright' with medics!🧐

I'm like that all the time but thought it was because I live alone and nobody to take my frustration out on. I work within housing homeless system and get verbally abused on daily so thought it was displaced anger. Anybody giving me hard time hears me lol. Maybe just blame it on pred

When I was first diagnosed, on higher dose, I would swear at slow people in front of me in check out lines. In my head. When I do that now I take it as a red flag I'm tired. Another red flag is when my husband asks are you reducing? Whoops what had I done I wonder? Makes life feel very uneven.

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I think flares and feeling worn out are a guaranteed swear monster appearance for me. But sometimes others are genuinely rude or ignorant. It's a fine line between experiencing anger based in the reality of the situation and just blaming it on pmr or pred. A bit like the idea that women's hormones are to blame if women get angry. Sometimes it's not you it's them.... You may just feel disinhibited and your internal or external shouty impatience may be warranted.

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That's as bad as a Person saying , " Is it the time of the Month?" in a really condescending way.

Even if it was , I would always say , " No, it's just that you are being a Big Arse , I don't need extra Hormones to see that."

Give him a dig from me next time xxx

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I looked at it more as he was trying to figure out what was going on, a nice concern. 😏

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When my OH dared to say "does this pred stuff make you more angry?" he was very lucky our then 6 year old grandson was actually sat on his knee because he sure as hell wouldnt be alive today!! My response in the end was silence and then tears!!

I can relate. A couple of months ago told one of my sons, 62 yrs old, to "shut up" Everyone was shocked including me. Have monitored my emotions very carefully since then. Now if I feel the irritation rising within me, I zone out mentally or walk away.

I had to call the rheumatologist after an appointment to apologize for being exceptionally grumpy. Nothing she did really. I realized later it was fear on my part that she was going to make me taper too fast again. Was mortified as was all my fault. Pred does mess with your head. 🤪

Yes know what you mean. Pred can mess with the head- sometimes leaving a short fuse, inappropriate words, excessive spending. Have done all those things - not too much excessive spending !! I still now often read out my texts to my husband to get him to vet them - just in case I haven’t worded them correctly. Seems a bit over the top but when tired I have made some bloomers!!

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My husband is subjected to a lot of post/reply vetting as i can't always be trusted to not say exactly what i first thought!!


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Sure you aren't flaring? PMR did that to me - years before I got even a sniff of pred ...

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I agree that sometimes it's a function of chronic illness and fatigue and not just pred. I had both muscular tourettes (based on mvtments that send sharp pain to your sweary mouth) and emotional tourettes since I had chronic post surgical pain and fibromyalgia around 1999ish. Especially when I pushed myself too hard to work and keep up previous commitments. I have always been someone who arrived for appts early and found I was getting to them late so now leave even more time. A hospital visit is a 5 min drive to the hospital and a 40 drive round for a parking space. Now that makes me swear. 😉🙄

I'm wondering if the whacky fight or flight response has something to do with the adrenal function whilst on pred. I am very widely known as "the most sweetest" person at work...however I have found myself feeling more and more annoyed with some behaviour exhibited by certain colleagues which I wouldnt ever had noticed prior to treatment. On one occasion I actually spoke up...and then profusely apologised for voicing my opinion in a public setting.

On the other hand...if I try to ignore the makes me emotional.!

So I guess you are not alone! We are fortunate to have this platform showcase sharw we may be affected.

There could be worse reasons to be arrested .

Yellow Bluebell could probably get you off for an assault on someone like that for extenuating circumstances.

It might just teach one of the ever growing numbers in the rude, dismissive , no personal responsibility or consideration , endless feelings of entitlement brigade the sort of lesson they need if you throw the soggy ball at their head from a distance in future.

Yes , you were unlikely to swear or answer back in the days before PMR but I bet you still felt the same about that sort of Human Being.

Pred just gave you the courage to bite back today .

We'd all be behind you to shout , " Free the PMR 1!" , if we could take a coach trip and do the wobbly walk up the Court steps .

Big hugs .... Did you get your ball back?

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Ybb would be busy getting herself off!

"I didn't realise my throwing arm was so accurate m'lud."

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I have sailed close to the wind in court too many times but saying that to a judge around here that knows me would definitely have me down in the cells to cool.down!!

Considering my shoulders i would probably hit some poor unsuspecting sod coming the other way!!

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🤣🤣🤣 Got to say that's how I imagined it going down.... A misfire.

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Can just see the papers report "Barrister loses the plot and throws shit". The village accepts i am as mad as a hatter but poop throwing might get me run out of town!!

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😂You know the thing that pi***ed me off the most ? My dog spotted her dogs Orange hard ball ( expensive , new, shiny non slobbery ) and went to pick it up about 6 feet from her and nowhere near her dog with my dogs half chewed old tennis ball. He went to “ collect “ it. I said “ leave it” in my best Barbara Woodhouse ( or Victoria Stilwell for the youngsters) voice. He did. Due to Pred I’m slow thinking. Took me 10 minutes to think “Whoa!” I should have let him .. straight swop.. now that’s annoyed me ever since . I need to let it go ....

Just goes to show dogs are like children , you can by them the best thing in the shop and ten minutes later they'll go off and play some other kids toy instead. The fact that you didn't think of taking the other one just goes to show what a good person you are .

😂😂if only you knew ...

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🤣😂🤣 It does tend to stay in the system when a blow out occurs. Often we aren't used to arguing with strangers so there's never the chance to revisit that there is with family and friends.... And checkout operators!

My dog refuses to even retrieve balls I spot in the river. If her smell or mine isn't on it she isn't interested.

It wouldn't feel right to dip to their level. With my dog, Come was the first lesson, leave was the second. She does what she likes but has good recall and leaves anything on command. She is 12 now and is increasingly independent shall we say. 😉

I’m thinking of getting of getting a t shirt that says...

Best not to talk to me! 😂

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There you go... My next purchase😉

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Like these tshirts😂

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