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best mattress for pmr symptoms?


I am an 80 yes old sufferer from both GCA and PMR for 3-4 years, at present on 2mg a day. Blood tests reasonably under control but still suffering from muscle pain legs and shoulders Can anybody recommend mattress to minimise morning stiffness and pain

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Your bed is unlikely to make much difference - getting your pred dose right, possibly even splitting it so the effect lasts the full 24 hours is far more effective and probably cheaper than a new mattress! You have probably overshot!

Yup. Correct timing of the pred is essential to eliminate the morning stiffness IMO

I sleep on a water bed, since prolapsed discs, but they take some getting used to. I’ve never had bad night pain even at my peak, (apart from this week/shoulder) and my bed is my personal paradise. I can alter the temperature to help my muscles relax. But turning over and getting out of a water bed is a different technique, and maybe in the throws of PMR is not the time to learn. I was always able to roll out of bed (using spinal technique) with PMR, it was the next 6 steps to the loo which were problematic. Then came pred 😁


If your mattress was comfy pre-pmr then agree that pred may need some adjustment. If it wasn't​ comfortable pre-pmr them you may need to get a new one. I think several people have bought mattress toppers anf hoping someone will be along to tell you about theirs.

If you want a new mattress and are in uk I Can recommend John Lewis - you Can try them out in the shop! Hub and I have zip and link as he likes firm and I like mattress a bit softer.

Marilyn1959 in reply to Pongo13

What a good idea. Didn't know about zip and link.

Pre diagnosis we got a new mattress as I thought the mattress was causing the stiffness and pain. Six hundred pound later thought it was the pillows.

Could have saved a lot of money if I knew what was coming. So, from experience, agree with the others that pred dose will affect comfort. So this needs to be right first.

Everyone is also very different in their choice of mattress. I always had a harder mattress until I took a chance buying a memory foam 'Simba' mattress on line. It was a risk, but you could send it back after forty days if you didn't want. I love it!!!!

Though you can try lying on a mattress in the shops you won't really know if it suits you unless you try it for a few nights. So I would suggest you find out return policy before entering any agreement or parting with your cash when either buying from a shop or online.

We'd always bought the firmest mattress available. At one point suffering PMR and even after pred very sensitive body I was thinking of investing in a sheepskin mattress topper, but somehow never got around to it, and forgot - I was getting better. Still need a pillow and hot water bottle to help various achy body parts, but overall better. But when we bought new bed for new place I overruled hubby and we got less firm, medium I guess, and we are both comfortable. At least I hear no complaints! ;)

You just need a memory foam mattress topper. They come all rolled up and you unfold and think it won't make a difference - but it does. Mine is like 1 1/2 inches deep but boy is it great. Like sleeping on a firm marshmallow. I ordered mine from Soak & Sleep and it was just over £100 - so worth it. Best of luck.


One very cheap way of softening a hard bed is to get a thick high tog duvet to lay over the mattress - a duvet sandwich can also make a major difference!! A single duvet is the right size for a double bed.

YuliK in reply to PMRpro

PMRpro, a woman after my own heart.

That's exactly what I put on my bed. It's so soft and comfy.

My arms hurt on a hard mattress, that's why I dislike to stay away from home.


Memory foam topper has helped us. Only thing is if you suffer from hot sweats then this may make it worse.


We have always had a firm bed as we were told it would be easier for OH as he broke his back in fire service but we tried one of those test beds in our local bed shop and discovered we actually didnt like the hard bed and preferred a medium mattress instead!! We had spent hundreds on both mattresses and toppers before discovering our ideal bed!! Go to the bed shop and try different ones if you really think it is your mattress but maybe try the other suggestions first. Good luckx

Like most people, I thought firm was best for mattresses but, after sleeping on the guest bed - medium soft mattress - for a couple of nights while waiting for my replastered bedroom ceiling to dry, I found my back was much less stiff in the mornings. I had the mattresses switched and am generally much more comfortable.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to maria40

Moderation in everything!

The ideal is that the spine remains straight - which means the shoulders and hips can be accommodated by the mattress giving to their shape.

I've got a lovely comfy supportive bed which has gel foam. Doesn't make you hot.

We put a memory foam topper over our mattress and it helps A LOT, without the expense of a new mattress.

Men seem to like firmer mattresses than women. If you and your bed partner disagree about mattress firmness, you could try a “sleep number” bed that allows you each to adjust your mattress to the preferred firmness.

Or cut your memory foam topper in half and ignore the uneven height of the bed!

I'm struggling with this now too having a 35 years old mattress that is shot. I tried a memory foam topper and at first loved it, now I'm not so sure. Makes me so hot but I'll have to get a new mattress soon. Just bought both my sons new ones but they aren't picky! Good luck.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to artfingers

It is said that mattresses only have a useful life of 10 years max. I think that MIGHT be mattress manufacturers clubbing together - but 35 years does sound as if it owes you nothing!! And my bed would come before anyone else's!!

Constance13 in reply to PMRpro

As we've moved 18 times in 60 years we've probably had 12 new beds (often easier and cheaper than removers bill).😂

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