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Just wondering?

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As you all know I have been a member of a meet up club's Just trying to fill the void of disappearance at this time of year. I did meet someone. His name was Robin, I unfortunately fell in love with him in November. But it wasn't to be. I am OK though. When someone says OH on the site Imiss my Other half who was convicted of GBH ; we were married for 36 years and Known each other for 42 years. My heart is breaking now fed upI am a big lady but sometimestill just get a little fedifferent up. I have so many friends but you are important to me xx

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Some things no one else but this group understands. We need you here. 😘

You are brave toput yourheart out there. So sorryyou got hurt!

Such a lot to come to terms with and a difficult time of year to do it. My thoughts are with you. I do value my other half I would miss him too. Remember we are here for you and keep loving yourself.

Sending you a massive hug darling xxx

The beauty of this site is that you're never alone. Sending huge hugs from NZ xxx

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